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Military-safe self-defence

Anyone know if there are any agencies which supply/point in the direction of, personnel who are able to teach basic self-defence on a drill night?

I'm putting a proposal together and am going to suggest said activity for an hour a week before drill nights (we get quite a good turn out for phys most weeks) and this is something I think which will benefit both the Army AND it's members as it's development for later use (or not in most cases at my place!!)

Also, would the instructor need to be MoD cleared/approved as the training would take place on site at the TAC.
We did a few times under a guy who had done his "Arrest & Restraint Techniques" course - not sure if it was an instructor's course or not.
A&R is an addition to PTI. A few PTI's im my unit have the qualification. They are also chop socky ninja types - makes for entertaining PT.

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