Military reservist resigns in protest over Iraq war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Feb 15, 2005.

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  1. I know there have been a couple of threads about this already, anyway here is the latest news on this story. My objection to this gentleman's actions is not to his opinions about the war, but to his continuing refusal to acknowledge his many TA comrades who may or may not share his reservations about Iraq but continue to serve, and accept mobilisation. I understand his Unit has a splendid record of producing soldiers for operational service.

    His claim to be resigning "as a conscientious objector" is completely spurious. He has put in his resignation, and it has been accepted.


  2. Why the feck did he not resign on the eve of (or before) war in order to get his point across rather than sit back, take the queens shilling and then open his mouth when it looks like he may have to go out to the desert?

    Classone TWAT! :evil:
  3. No great loss then. :roll:
  4. Yet another who kept taking the money until it was his turn. Personally I would be trying to recover all the pay he has been getting since the start of conflict, which is when he should have had the ba**s to stand up if he felt like that.

  5. The words coward, chickensh*t, yellow, bellied and tosser spring to mind.

    George Solomou, I hope you get run over by a bus....several times, well 9000 odd times to be precise...let all the BRAVE TA & Regssquaddies who are doing their job in Iraq have a chance at being the bus driver.

    George FOAD.
  6. Lets combine the bayonet thread and this one and see what happens - good example for the paper
  7. It appears the thought police deleted my last post, disappointing.

    He's talking out of his hoop anyway, his coy only has 12 blokes who haven't been mobilised (8 of them are daisys), some are on their 3RD tour of the sandpit. I don't like it when people speak sh*te claiming to speak on my behalf.
  8. Das Stab

    Making that statement - can be interpreted in law as a threat.

    I have direct experience of a very well used UK website being closed down, because an identical statement was issued against a well known Military researcher, after he was alleged to have indulged in a spot of grave robbing.

    Someone posted identical words to yours . That was enough for his solicitor to gain an injunction to have the board closed. Permanently
  9. Fair enough. It was issued as a comment rather than a threat, but I see your point and will refrain from such utterings. I'd rather not ruin the arrse we know and love.
  10. Why would a "conscientious objector" join the Reserve (or Regular) Force in the first place?

    There is always potential for being sent to some conflct or war. The time to "choose" is before you sign on the line.

    In his case, he's "a member of the Royal Army Medical Corps."
    An occupation (presumably) he could help in keeping people alive if sent to war
  11. Interestingly, I found out recently that he didn't actually resign, he'd reached his 3 year re-enlistment date and the Regt decided not to let him sign back on in light of his recent press coverage.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The little chickensh!t barstard was happy to fill his pockets with my tax money and had absolutely no intention of ever living up to the contract he had signed. No better than a thief then.

    I was hoping that the MOD could force him to pay back all pay and bounties he had received, plus the cost of training him. With interest accrued.

    However as it's emerged that he's not so much the conscientious objector, more a gobby bluffing walt.

    How long until he's telling stories down the pub of his time on Telic ?
  13. Article in Oracle

  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

  15. Did this sh1t of man really write this piece? I think not. Its a shame there is no counter letter from his unit to the press assocaiations or nationals rubbishing his claims and showing him for the w@nker he is. anonymously of course.

    Stabtastic any takers from the Londons or RAMC(V)?