Military Repatriation for Private Security

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BlueJobLiney, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Heard a rumour that the bodies of the two private security chaps (Jason Creswell and Jason Swindlehurst) will be given a military repatriation soon.

    Surely they don't deserve a military aided or supported one as they fought for lining their own pockets and not for us? :x

  2. Sounds like what it is... a rumour.

    I would have thought this unlikely. If nothing else, it would endanger the guys still in captivity as it might make their captors HIGHLY suspicious, surely????

  3. Two good points Dave, sounds like bollox to me.
  4. oops double tap! :oops:
  5. A vast proportion of the "not fighting for us" regiment are based at bastion and Kandahar. So if they are not in the good lads club then why are they on base.
    They ferry kit and supplies up and down the MSRs taking more of a risk on occasion due to poor kit and no QRF.
    I have a mate based outside the wire at bastion whos on less money than the average sgt. The gold rush is well and truly over mate so like i have done they are there to pay the mortgage not to get rich.
    The FCO have also issued a medal for iraq for CP and FCO staff.

    As UK citizens they are afforded the rights to help from the crown just like your average piss head who does a swan dive off the third floor balcony in ibiza. The company pay heavy insurance policies for repatriation of remains and as there is only limited commercial flights out of iraq then UK military is the quickest option. This case has focused a lot of poor press on the government so if it does pan out then prehaps its a bridge building excercise.
    I flew military transport from kandahar to bastion and not as a serving squaddie but private security, it happens all the time.
  6. Just heard from my seniors that this is good gen.

  7. So f*ck? If it bothers you that much write to your local MP. See what sort of response your get. You might find that at least one of those two served at one point in his life. Your problem you sideways walking crab c*nt is that the closest you ever come to the runway they land on is when you're sweeping it. Why don't you post this on the Crab Air sites? You might find some equally galling little f*ck who agrees with you.
  8. Whats your fecking beef

    ..................Other than that one eyed c+nt making an appearance as it is high profile and political

    DHL'ing two boxes would be fairly pricey, having said that it potentially would be more reliable than the crabs

    PS wot BiscuitsAB sed
  9. They both did. And after all they've been through a flight home isn't much to ask.
  10. You Sir are a proper c0ck
  11. well at least they won't need any in flight catering :D ...........well like some 3 day old sarnies and an out of date orange drink
  12. Dear Danny

    You fucking crab cocktard.


  13. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    They do deserve a military flight home. Unfortunately, they're coming home with the RAF instead.

    You're a bellend.
  14. Also looks like you are a security risk too, as well as being a c0ck.
  15. God forbid an Ex Serviceman should be allowed to make a few bob after leaving the service. Traitors.

    They should have stayed in the mob and refused wages like I imagine you do every month based on that comment.

    Fully entitled to it I reckon.