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I remember Air Marshal Sir Frederick Sowrey when he was Commandant of the National Defence College back in 1974 when dad was an instructor. I rather think he was there when the IRA hit it and it became the first MoD premises to be targeted, no casualties but a knackered syndicate room! Fred was a small yet distinguished figure with an impressive row of decorations, his back had been damaged in a bad aircraft exit so he had a stoop!
Air Marshal Sir Frederick Sowrey, who has died aged 96, saw service in the Second World War and was the last survivor of a remarkable family whose members had served in the RAF for an unbroken period of 65 years.

His father and two uncles had transferred to the Royal Flying Corps in 1915 and each saw considerable active service in France. Freddie, as he was always known, was the son of the second brother, who had shot down a Zeppelin over Essex in September 1916 and who went on to be a fighter ace on the Western Front.
Lt Col P Walter MC* (Them). Another career out of Boy's Own ? Note he brought the Alderney Militia back as an ACF Unit (ready for them Frenchies)

For those who didn't get a copy of the paper:
When he was running the battle school, he occasionally stood behind the cookhouse hot plate and was heard to say when a fat Para came up for scoff - 'Too fat, no chips move on'
Try saying that nowadays, he would be out on his ear!
General Sandy Maclean - Last Commander of the Rhodesian Army - note he seems to have done all his training in the country not UK.


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