Military Recruitment Campaigns banned by UCL.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by UberSoldat, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. I found an interesting document on the UCL website concerning the recent rejection of Armed Forces recruitment campaigns.

    It seems interesting that the proposer has a 'foreign' name :?

  2. I found it interesting that this has already been done in other bits on the forum, i also found it boring that because someone has a foreign name its 'interesting' :roll:

    It seems interesting that you have a foreign sounding user name, are you German.
  3. I read about this the other day as well. As a member of an OTC myself this really hacks me off.

    They've made OTC out to be a 'reserve army' of steely eyed killing machines waiting to be unleashed. However from my experience OTC is no more than a behind the scenes look at Army life and a way to do a lot of fun things for free.

    Wasn't the last time an OTC was in 'national emergency' in WW1? :/
  4. I read a few weeks ago that one of the US Universities in California tried this, by refusing to renew the lease of the US Marine Recruiting Office allowed, by state law, to operate an office on campus. The state legislative board suggested that, as they did not want "government" troop recruitment, perhaps they should not be allowed the 3.5 million dollars they received annually from "government funding" either.

    UCL is probably Higher Education Funding Council for England part-funded. As this is a government scheme, same as the military recruiting, perhaps we should write to UCL, the Dept of Education and HEFCE and propose the same withdrawal of funding and the accompanying loss of students, revenue and jobs (all protected, whatever clever hippy prose to the opposite, by the military they are so against). :?

    It would be interesting to see how quickly the bleeding-heart liberals run for their trenches when their jobs and soft, safe livelihoods are threatened?

    As usual, the so-called educated ones are the ones who act like witless cnuts. :roll:

    "The Truth! You can't handle the Truth!!" A Few Good Men.
  5. if it's so 'boring' why do you bother to reply?
  6. I found it intensly annoying and it does us no favours, this site or the forces, that the only comment the poster could include was about this blokes percieved ethnicity. Yes Mr Rajyaguru is a little melodramatic pacifist cnut, but he's probably British. Why does his ethnicity matter anyway?
  7. I may be wrong but I think the Students Union is the only union in the country that is allowed to run a closed shop. I seem to remember years ago as a Mature Student (Part Time) Iit was a condition of registration that I joined the union. Perhaps if the government stopped this practice we'd see how many students actually want to be in the union as apposed to how many want to use the subsidised barsIOncidentally although the proposer had a "foreign" name it's pretty obvious that the ten seconders didn't so let's not start another anti-foreigner rant with no evidence.
  8. Cos i can
  9. Seconded with zeal, Id much prefer an anti-pacifist rant! These "miserable creatures, who can never hope to be free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better man than themselves"!
  10. Well... seems abit of a coincidence, don't you think?

    Sham Rajyaguru, is the head of 'Stop the war' society! it's a damn conpiracy!

    What is wrong with providing other career opportunities for the students? What will a small display of military careers matter? The students do not have to sign up, oh, but I forgot they are all too busy sleeping and smoking pot to give shite!

  11. *******.

    Point 2- Utter rubbish, because the UOTC cadet has no call-up liability at all. Even a group A TA soldier has no call-up liability whilst in full-time education.

    Point 3- The UOTC charter states the main aim as "Promoting an understanding of the army among future captains of industry". There is pressure to recruit, but the stated aim is promoting an understanding of the army among the great unwashed student population.

    The rest of what they say is irrelevant piffle.

    The best cure for these people would be to send in a batallion of angry jocks with CS, BRGs and hickory sticks. I'm not certain that this course of action would allow the otc access to the freshers fayre but it would give some people the great pleasure of smacking these ungrateful scrotes about.
  12. Let them ban it...... I am sure that if you suggested closing the Muslim youth movement group, it would make the front page of every newspaper..... the very fact that the OTC takes on all comers from all faiths and political leanings and allows people to learn the basics of self respect, team dynamics and how to enjoy life away from the trappings of PS3 and Xbox seems to be neither here nor there to tunnel vision tainted lefty student unions. I bet you half of the names on the said list come from families who have never had a military connection or have come in on the sly. Never mind.... I am sure the future of our country is secure with these spineless, small minded and quite frankly disrespectful idiots who call themselves the voices of the university.... Let them wallow in it.

  13. There's a few Unions around the country which got so fed up with NUS that they disafilliated, and now do their own thing. I can't remember which ones they were.
  14. Imperial College's Union was disafilliated in the late 90s when I was looking for a uni place, not sure about others.