Military recreation!!!!!!

Between the 24th and the 27th August this year there will be a large recreational event in kent (i think) where famaous battles will be recreated antique sellers will be and lots of other things! More details soon.
I hope they don't recreate the Battle of Chaplin's Winebar - Harrogate circa 1986. I got belted with a pool cue and it didn't half bloody sting!
any bar recreations will bring back very painful moments - i truely hope they don't decide to.


War Hero
kool how long do u think it be till we know any thing
I hope they recreate the 1 RHF Battle of Midsummer Green in Cambridge circa 1991 or 1992. The local gypsies had outstayed their welcome.... :twisted:
Same here, the Astra bar outside Hohne was known to partake in alcohol fueled "debates" whenever the mood was right, which was every night as far as memory serves..... 8)
Isn't there film of the Battle of Carlisle Racecourse - circa 1990?.

A bunch of oiks/chavs picked on the Scots Guards Pipers ........ blood everywhere.

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