Military Records


War Hero
Hoping someone will be able to help me,
My family and I are after finding out about my Grandads military records, how do we go about it?
If you know which regt/corps he was in then contact their RHQ, they hold allsorts of records.


We are currently tracing family tree. To obtain someones military record it has to be the closest living relative, in my wife's case her grandfather served in WWII we have is enlistment papers and demob etc, but to get the record it has to be my wifes mother or aunt who applies unless they write you a letter giving their permission for you to do so.
I think the website is We have found medal records on there for her family in WWI you can also find out if they were mentioned in dispatches etc all for a small fee of course.


If you got to APC at Glasgow for the info expect to pay in the region of £30 for a search.

What did prove more useful for me was writing to the Regimental Journal for my Grandad's old regiment and this turned up alot of good stuff.

Happy hunting!