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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bobby-Dazzla-82, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. Afternoon all, any advice gratefully received.

    Any ideas how I would go about or even who to contact to get a copy of my grandfathers military records.

    Would be nice to get these records for keep sake but as well as this my lad has topic on the Second World War at school, so would be good for him to study a member of the family as opposed to someone we never knew

    Cheers in advance

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  2. oldbaldy

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  3. And 30 GBP, but got mine for both Grandfathers, ignore all the they were issued stuff, if they exist (and many were lost, for a variety of reasons), they will provide you with them (for 30 GBP and the 9 month wait). When you get them do not expext too much they are dry military records they do not give you what a great bloke he was (or not) and in many case leave more questions than answers.
  4. Good for dead, but CWGC does it better, no use for living, only way is Service records. FWR is a good starting point but frankly you have to pay and there are other free ways to start.

    Even just the most simple process of googling the name can have remarkable results.
  5. oldbaldy

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    I agree, I just did two simple searches, one for an uncle killed in 1944, only information is what is on CWGC site and one for my father, who came up blank as he survived.
  6. FWR is a bit of a cut and paste service, would be useful if it was free but it is not. Once you have paid there is (for most) limited scope or reason for more searches.

    Oddly here and other places like this are pretty good as you get those with subscriptions to all manner of search engines (and even books!!) willing to do some work on your behalf.

    We all look forward to the realease of WW2 service records but it wil not happen for a good few years yet.

    FWR is doing a good job of collating those who wish to add current service detail (i.e. from WW2 onwards) but as it is self posted and only criteria for posting is Service number there is huge scope for waltenkommando activity.
  7. Now there is a coincidence. My father served in WW2 and survived but didn't leave a hit on google and my uncle was killed at Anzio in 1944. The CWGC record told me that he was serving with 67th Field Regiment RA so I googled that too. That told me that 67th Fd Regt RA was a South Midlands TA unit. I knew that my uncle, like my father, was in the TA before 1939 but I was pretty sure he didn't commute from London to the South Midlands on a Thursday evening. But I also tracked through google a book "The Eyes and Ears of the Regiment 67th Field Regiment RA 1939-1946" by somebody that had served with the regiment at that time. I managed to track and buy a copy of the book on the internet and it arrived a few days ago. The author says that after initial training he was posted to 85th Field Regiment RA who he says were a London TA unit. He also says that in 1940 there were a great many cross postings between 85th Fd Regt RA and 67th Fd Regt RA who had just got back to the UK from Dunkirk. The idea being to spread the recent operational experience across the two regiments. Mystery of how my uncle came to be serving in 67th Fd Regt RA presumably solved! So there is plenty of stuff about family military history to be found out there even without waiting 9 months for the APC to cough up an AF B200.
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