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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Merebimur, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Evening all,
    I am currently an Oxford Academic, tutoring 5 Undergraduates in modern literature in war.
    I am late of the 15/19 KRH, and a friend of mine who is still serving informed me of ARRSE.
    My colleagues and I are baffled as to which modern texts to study, detailing operations in Iraq or Afghanistan.
    The bookshelves seem to be full of trashy, blood and thunder accounts of the conflicts, yet nothing with any depth.
    Could anybody possibly help me out?
    Many Thanks,
  2. Lovely, thank you very much.
    I thought Toby Harnden was a Naval Officer? Knew him from Corpus Christi.
    Wonder how he got the gig with the Welsh Guards
  3. Junior Officers Reading Club seems quite well thought of as well
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  4. Attack State Red really impressed me as a cut above the usual fare.

    So good it has its own site: Attack State Red

    But then again I guess I'm biased as I used to know 'Angry' Phil.
  5. Friend of the (late) CO. It's an outstanding read and should be at the top of the list. I got more reality from that book than I did from several months in the HQ TFH ops room.
  6. Restrepo is quite good for the American perspective.
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  7. Firestrike 7/9 by Paul Graheame. Awesome book, best I've read.
  8. Sorry to hear that!

    Perhaps you could keep a Regimental tradition alive and have Viz as the read of choice?
  9. I must admit Dead Men Risen is outstanding, but Bullet Magnet was rather fun as a lightish read.
  10. Even though it isn't accurate?
  11. there's a book by pen and sword on the black watch/3 SCOTS 2009 ("Aviation assault battlegroup"?) tour which as a read is pretty naff as its more like a giant after action review of all the ops, each one usually begins with someone senior walking through what the plan was and what actually happened along with several personal accounts giving different perspectives and pure hunners and hunners of photos.

    it'd never make a movie but if you're after good descriptions and facts it would be worthwhile having a look.
  12. Basically Black Watch claiming all the praise for Babiji when in reality they rocked up, sat on some canals and pissed off back to Bastion Pizza Hut before anyone even took issue with them being there.

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  13. i wont bite =D

    although, the CO was awfully good at PR.

    i've not actually read it (although i now have a copy) just flicked through but the above was my impression of it.
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