Military Ranges in Hong Kong

Does anyone know which ranges the army were using in Hong Kong in 1978? I have a picture of my father (who I have never met!) sitting next to a landy and on the back it has the date 08/1978. I'm assuming that If I can find out which ranges were in use at that time in Hong Kong I can find out which regiment was on the range at that time as I have no idea who he served with either?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
If you know his full name, there are easier ways to find with whom he served.
No harm in asking them as a starter. Certainly better than relying on the patchy memories of Malaria and VD infested alcoholic squaddies who still start any conversation with 'when I was in Hong Kong'.
Royal Green Jackets were the resident battalion in 78-80, they took over from the Light INfantry. But there were so many other parts to the British Army in Hong Kong he could have been with anybody else, REME, what ever the loggies were back in those days, med corps, nurses, engineers, a fully functioning hospital, attached arms to the Ghurkas, so any name out of a hat.

So going down the records check will be the quickest and best route.
If you're feeling brave stick the picture up here. Someone might recognise the guy, or failing that, some bit of uniform vehicle etc, that gives you more detail.

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If memory serves the main ranges were up in Burma lines. That was a Gurkha camp though. Resident Inf Battalion was based in Stanley fort. There was also a large field firing range up in TBT (Tsim Bei Tsui).

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