Military qualifications on JPA

res spec

they order supplies for the engrs ie wood, concrete, bricks, set up local trade accts etc normally work in the qm/sqms dept

or is this a wah?
No not a Wah says its on my JPA list done in 1998, and Ive never done that course as im RLC, but I have done Local Resources Section in 2006 and thats not on there, which I am in the process of getting added.
Sounds like whoever is sorting it out has selected the wrong qual for your record. It could be worse - they might have made you a CBRN instructor.....
I had that on my JPA as well, it's something to do with your Sup Con course being incorrectly coded. Military Engineer (Res Specs) do the Global Operators course as part of their Trade courses.

I think the Engineers got in first when the course code was allocated.

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