Military PTSD - Effective Treatment by "PTSD Resolution"

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by HydraJoe, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. [align=center]PTSD Resolution[/align]

    The South Atlantic Medal Association - SAMA(82) and the Falklands Veterans Foundation [FVF] are backing this treatment for Military PTSD.

    It is being launched officially at the Union Jack Club [UJC] in London on the 24th January 2008.

    Dr. Morgan O'Connell is to be a Trustee. Morgan retired last year as the Chief Clinician of Combat Stress.

    The Human Givens Foundation and The Falklands Veterans Foundation carried out an intial trial last year with a 100% sucess rate and 5 of those treated went on the Falklands25 Pilgrimage in November with no fears whatsoever. All of those treated are willing to talk to anyone about this treatment.

    Please read all about it here -->

    Due to incorrect information received by me and a subsequent assumption incorrectly made by me, I have to retract the statement above, posted by me, that this treatment is being officially backed / endorsed by the South Atlantic Medal Association (1982) and Dr Morgan O'Connell.

    Morgan has been invited to be on the Board of Advisors of Resolution (not Trustees Board) and is continuing to explore and evaluate their treatment.

    SAMA (82) is exploring Resolution and other charitable organisations that offer treatment for PTSD. Combat Stress and the NHS are the only Organisations that treat PTSD that are endorsed by SAMA (82).

    This is not a condemnation of Resolution treatment by SAMA (82) as it has proven to work on Falkland Veterans suffering from PTSD. It is a personal choice if any ex-military person wishes to use Resolution.
  2. If any members on here go for this treatment - perhaps they would like to post about it on this thread afterwards as an incentive to those who are undecided. Or even if you phone the Helpline - 0845 021 7873
  3. Helpline - 0845 021 7873
  4. msr

    msr LE

    However, experience from the Falklands Veterans’ Foundation / Human Givens Foundation pilot programme suggests that most people will need two sessions, but that three or even four sessions will occasionally be beneficial.

    So how much does this cost? And have you asked the CO's permission to advertise?

  5. Actually MSR, I was also wondering if having such a positive statement for the thread title was a good idea/responsible. Seems a bit sensationalist for a new type of treatment, tbh.
  6. Yes I have spoken to the CO.

    This is NOT a Commercial Service and my posting is not advertising as such.

    "PTSD Resolution" is a Charity and the treatment at present is Free. It is expected that the treatment to the patient will always be free.

    This should change the way ahead with PTSD, it is not instead of Combat Stress' treatment but complementary to it and will reduce Combat Stress' workload. It is hoped that this treatment will be eventually be used in service as a matter of course.

    If anyone wishes to know more about this Treatment then please ring the Helpline 0845 021 7873 and ask for Piers Bishop to ring you back. I am not very good at explaining it as I dont really know HOW it works, I am not medical, I am a Weapons Engineer by trade - I just know it does work - and that is what counts at the end of the day.

    If you wish to speak to one of the Veterans that were cured by the treatment in the Pilot Programme then ring the helpline and you will be put in touch with one of them.
  7. You may have a point there AL about the title may not be a good idea, but I dont understand why you would think it irresponsible, it is a statement of fact, yes it is a new type of treatment, but it works, so there is a cure. I wanted a title that said what I meant and brought it to the attention of those who would benefit from the treatment.

    As I said in the previous post - I am not an expert, I was just one of those that assisted in the Pilot Programme, the Falkland Veterans that suffered from PTSD and took the treatment were all cured. That is good enough for me.

    I know that people will be sceptical by any claims for cures etc. I too am very sceptical of all these purported "Cures" that are advertised on the Internet (there are several "Sponsors" sites advertising PTSD Treatments here on ARRSE at the bottom of Page. They may be sponsr of this page - but they will charge for their services). Indeed I was very wary and sceptical of this treatment until I got involved with and saw the results of the pilot trial, now I wish to spread the word and try and help get this treatment recognised. That is why we asked Capt Morgan O'Connell RN Retd (the foremoest authority on Military PTSD in the UK) to evaluate it which he is doing and he has been invited to be on the Board of Advisors of PTSD Resolution.

    Sorry if I can not put it more eloquently, but I am not involved in the Clinical side of things and I am not very good with the wording of things - I am just a Vet who knows it works and therefore trying to bring the Treatment to the attention of as many PTSD sufferers as possible - I feel I have a duty to do that. Since the pilot programme we have had many more Ex Service Vets treated and all have been cured sucessfully. They all now sleep soundly, have no more nightmares and are rid of their fear of meeting people and crowds / reunions.
  8. Reading the PTSD Resolution website, it seems that individuals can self-refer if they think they have some symptoms of PTSD, whether they have been properly diagnosed or not. Is this the case?

    Secondly, I'd be interested to see the research on this; which journal was it published in?
  9. Hi VB,

    Yes, individuals can self refer, they do not need to be Diagnosed. That is part of the problem - there are veterans that have PTSD that do not know or wont admit to having PTSD. If they see the symptoms that they are suffering from listed, they can contact PTSD Resolution and have a chat with them and then with a Vet that has had the treatment if they wish, and then make the decision to go for the Treatment. No pressure is ever put on anyone to take the treatment. A person does not have to suffer from full blown PTSD to benefit from the treatment. Any of the symptoms listed can be treated in isolation as far as I am aware. The treatment is done locally , or not too far away as ther is a Network of over 150 Therapists Trained and Certified in this technique. So travel is minimal and in some cases the Therapists will come to the patients Home if required. Treatment is also being made available in prison for ex service prisoners, many who have been incarcerated for crimes that were committed as a direct result of suffering from PTSD.

    The Research has been done by The Human Givens Institue.
    VB, As you are interested in seeing the research, may I suggest that you ring the Helpline and ask for Piers Bishop to contact you. He provided all the information and reading material on the subject for Morgan when he was assessing it.

    Sorry I can't explain better - as I said - I am not medical, I am just trying to promote the treatment.

    May I suggest that any questions are made to the helpline as I get frustrated not being able to give the answers expected on this thread. I am just a supporter and messenger.

    Anyone who has a keen interest in the subject is quite welcome to attend the official Launch at 1000 in the UJC on Thursday 24th January, but please contact Piers via the helpline first.
  10. If anyone needs reminding, you can now 'Self Refer' to "Combat Stress" now.
    With the figures published by the Indipendant newspaper last year of over 300 who served in the Falklands conflict have comitted suicide, anything to move forward and give more help to those with any of the underlying problems related to PTSD, can only be a good thing.

    Although Hull is not one of the chosen Pilot Areas for help to those who are forces / ex forces with Mental Health problems, the chief exec Christopher Long (Ex Mil) is moving forward with help in the Hull PCT area.

  11. As this appears to be a new form of treatment, despite that it has been successful so far, I'm pretty sure there will be at least one person who it won't work for (just because of individual differences, or maybe somebody is unable to complete all the required treatments) - so it might be unfair to raise the hopes of that one person who could be reading this board.
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  12. Thank you CB, as you say, anything that helps is welcome. That is why the FVF are backing this treatment.

    The suicides amongst Falkland Veterans that the FVF KNOW of have now passed the 350 mark.
  13. Cheers AL, I wasn't taking it personally mate. I just dont want to put people off believing in the treatment just becasue I wasnt able to explain things.

    You have also pointed out that there will be failures - that to some extent is true. We had one chap that the treatment didn't work for but it was more to do with his circumstances. It transpired that he suffered panic attacks and that even though he was a diagnosed PTSD sufferer, he could not be treated because the Panic Attacks could not be related to a specific incident (or group of incidences) and therefore by not having an incident to focus on it was deemed that the teatment would not work for him. He continues to be treated by Combat Stress, which is fine.

    If nothing else the title has opened up a debate. Perhaps I should have said an 80 - 95% success rate, as stated in the paper.