Military Provost Staff - TA!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cutsy, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Given the reference to deployability it's more like being a full time screw somewhere dusty!
  2. Probably good if you're a Civvy Prison Officer, looks good on the CV.
  3. Will they teach you how to make human pyramids?
  4. You won't have to sleep with that septic redneck woman will you??
  5. or feck ugly american birds???
  6. Guess that leaves me first up with Sabrina Harrman
  7. Nobody's twisting your Arm - it's an add on option for those that think we really are a "one Army concept and may be looking for something different for a while"! Stupid boy!!!
  8. Importantly, you should be patient, calm, well motivated, well balanced in your personal life and have a genuine desire to improve the lot of those entrusted to your care

    So make their beds, make 'em a brew, smuggle them in drugs and porn and let convicted sex offenders try and top themselves when they get a bit fed up i'm guessing.
  9. Don't tell 'em your name, Cutsy!
  10. I have met some of them, apparently they are in very high demand, and they also drive ambulances. I did my selection/look at life weekend or what ever it is called, with a bloke who was joining them, he lent me some coat hangers, how keen can you be.
  11. This unit was first advertised in 2003 in order to either back fill Colchester, or deploy to Iraq to run the PW camps. Initially they were looking for TA SNCOs (Cpls at a push) who ideally had custodial experience ie Prison Officers or coppers. Additional skills such as arabic were flagged up too.

    However, I don't think they got the numbers of PWs that they were expecting!!!!

    I am speaking as a arabic speaking PH&TQ TA Cpl who is also a civvy copper. Can't believe I even enquired!!!! Must have been having a funny five minutes!
  12. It just seems utterly bizarre doesn't it? Could you imagine your local prison having a part time force of weekend jailers, possibly unpaid like the Special Constabulary. You'd have to be nuts really I think but hey, you could get a posting to Wakefield Prison where our 'dear friend' Ian Huntley currently resides. Then you could give him the pills yourself and come back say 6 hours later - Oh dear, what a tragedy! There's job satisfaction for you!!