Military Provost Staff Reserve

Hello all,

I'm interested in joining the Army Reserve but, thus far, haven't reached a decision on what Regiment, Corps or role would be best for me.

The Military Provost Staff would be closest to my day job but they don't have much of an online presence, so I haven't seen much information on them.

Does anyone know what sort of training courses and opportunities are available to them? And is/are all of their training/exercises/etc down in Colchester?

Basically, I'd appreciate any information on life as an MPS reservist.

Some do, actually.

Bizarre, but true.
Must be mad. I work in finance day to day and have an application for the furthest possible role I could think of.

Had a lass at a recruitment event for Reserves talking about it, she works as a PA in Downing Street and she joined the Int Corp to build on her technical skills. Still think she's mad.
I thought you had to be a Regular Corporal to then if successful transfer into the MPS

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