Military Provost Staff 2020 uplift

It’s not all doom and gloom as the Military Provost Staff are EXPANDING that's right, you heard me right don’t confuse them with the MPGS!!! There will be a 85 posts uplift. Including taking on Cpls in the future (60ish). The reason being that Unit Garrison detention facilities will be undertaken by MPS and no longer done unit provost staff by 2020, this is due to having permanent custodian and professionally trained SME's. This is for regular personnel - but the MPS(V) is also having an uplift.

They are recruiting for 14 further promotion slots for Sgt also. Comd will come over the newly formed 1 RMP Bde by 2020.

High calibre Cpl's with 2 recommends for promotion and fancy dealing with a challenge maybe the MPS maybe looking good for you.

Conflict management, hostage negotiation, control and restraint, listening skills and interviewing techniques are just part of the remit. Including knowing custody operations and many other jobs, it’s about not just locking people up or shouting at people.

If you think that unit MPS or the old provo will deal with just dogshit / parking and bezzering it with the RSM you will be are sadly misinformed, the times are changing. The reason being that corporate manslaughter, duty of care has come into line, with HMIP regulations. Rehabilitation is an interesting, challenging and can be rewarding job.

Eventually there is scope you can be posted to Colchester or some of the Garrison facilities around the country or even inter post in the garrison detention facilities. Many of these posts need to be filled by 2015. See your RCMO for further details, if you are leaving or maybe facing redundancy.
That all makes good sense. In my view it was always an anomaly that garrison custody facilities were run by RPs and not by MPS personnel. I take it the uplift is also to cover the operational requirement for MPS (not that we will be conducting operations ever again)?

I am always amused by the call for "high calibre" personnel with X many recommends. In my experience it takes a lot to tempt the truly high calibre sorts away from their regiments. Even pursuading this type of soldier to volunteer for the glamour and excitement of pilot training can be difficult, so I'd be interested in how the MPS plans on tempting these high calibre NCOs, given that the stability factor of always being based in Colchester will no longer be there.
Its does help the cover the operational uplift. Some of the Cpls will assist in the operational deployment as there will be 6 per detention facility in uk. I would imagine 2 will be pooled from each detention facility to help in ops. I know where your coming from, but at the end of the day you know there many soldiers whom are being redundant, some of which will be of good calibre. The stability is factor is good and you will find that their have been some unit RP's have been mismanaged by their units. That is a fact. Many soldiers will be going in tranche 3 or 4 at least they have an opportunity to look elsewhere before getting out to the big bad world.

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