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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Ex_WRAF, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone out there joined the MPGS?? I'm considering stagging on at Brawdy, anybody been there?
  2. Aye - in the middle of nowhere, an old S&R base which I believe was also used by the spams at some point.

    Not only middle of nowhere but served by the windiest narrowest minorest roads ever seen. Last time I went my boss arranged a gazelle - that is the preferred option but not probably available to MPGS.

    Seriously, if no joy here try the sigs forum - Brawdy is currently home to 14 Sig Regt.
  3. Thanks Whistler - will give that a go!!
  4. Hi there. New to the site and need some reassuraces about whether I'm doing the right thing...

    Been in the RAF 13.5 years (12 years official) and live in a rented house in a rural part of Essex (North) about 10 minutes away from Carver Barracks. Have a pretty decent IT job in the City earning £32k+.

    Am considering MPGS ? Am I completely mad.
    I await a response before I explain my desent into Madness...

    (Had already posted this in the Junior 'bit' of this site, but not really the best area to ask this question really is it!!)
  5. Yes you are completely mad.

    Never understood why anyone would spend 12 or 22 years in the army (or RAF), thinking "I hope I'm not on guard" every day, then join the MPGS.

    Then again, someone who's actually in the MPGS might be able to give you a more constructive answer.
  6. yes,YES..YOUR MAD!!!!
    i too was once mad,but was cured by ARRSE.Asked similar question in this forum then got my head seen to 8O
    See the thread to my question,plenty of replies an leads.
    cheerio,chin chin.
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Totally bonking mad - unless you are ex-RAF Police, in which case it will be a home from home.

  8. Cheers dudes, yep it's a bonkers situation. The stoopid thing is this....

    Salary 32k
    Rent and council tax - £1000 per month (3 bed house)
    Travel - £400 per month (to London)
    Holiday - 20 days
    Hours away from home- 60 per week (inc travelling)
    pension - 0
    medical/dental - 0

    Now if I take all that away with all the Income tax and stuff I get the grand sum of £615.60 per month in my hand, pretty cr@p for all the tossing around and pressure. Now take into consideration the 'attractive' package that the MPGS have to offer...

    Salary 16k
    Rent and council tax- £300 per month (3 bed house)
    Travel - £0
    Holiday - 30 days
    Hours away from home - 50 ish ?
    pension - Oh Yes
    Medical Dental - Oh Yes

    Now if I take all that away with all the Income tax and stuff I now get the grand sum of £700 per month in my hand.

    Makes sense apart from the drudgery of the job.....

    The killer deal in all of this is as I have 2 kids and my salary is dropped by half, the 'luverly' government will up my Tax credits from £300 to £3300 per year making it now look like a more attractive deal Thats an extra £275 per month...
    What with the holidays, and the 4 day week, can you see now why its a really tough decision....

    Bonkers? maybe not....
  9. Yes your MAD. Im in the IT biz too and on the sort of money your on now, and Ive done 24 years man and boy, and hated stagging on as a tom, so, yes MAD, body swerve MPGS. Bad move.........
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    And the job security in the MPGS is..........?

    The whole scheme could be axed at the drop of a hat and you are then a 40 year old lance corporal with a CV that looks like the script for Career Suicide; The Movie.

    You would be better off in the Mod Plod.

    Look at how the Government views the MPGS. How easy is it to find a web site on them? How much do the MOD push this "corps"?

    ZERO.....that tells you something about the long term future. It is easy to disband something that is on a 3 year renewable contract and nobody knows it exists. When it goes it won't even leave a smell behind.
  11. Mad as a box of frogs but can see your logic. Forward to a year or more from now and have a look inside your head.

    The bit you may be using at the moment (clever bit) will be all furred up and littered with spiders webs. However, the barrier raising bit will be all clean, well used and fit as fcuk.

    Now think about how that will transfer into your daily life. You will have beaten, killed and eaten your missus and kids as it seemed like an exciting thing to do when compared to your day job. You will also have a fine collection of balaclavas so you can hide from previous acquaintances whose first question is always ' what you doing now?'

    I felt bad enough telling them I was a Civil Servant before I moved on but Barrier Technician? If you do take up the MPGS please post a job description on here so all who may consider this route in the future will be aware of what they may be letting themselves in for.

    Remember - the only one who can choose is you and if you can live with it, go for it. Brawdy is a sh*thole by the way!!
  12. Its dominated by ex-SNCOs/WOs who get their old rank back within a very short time and dominate it-no change there then,so for a junior thinking of joining do not expect to get very high very quickly.
    If your that keen put a barrier up on your front gate and man that,leaving your well paid job for them-certifiable you are!!
  13. OK, Cheers for the info chaps /chapesses. obviously by writing on the forum there must have been a seed of doubt in my mind about the whole thing...

    I can't see the argument about disbanding the MPGS. Previous posts have mentioned the fact (and it's true) that they are as cheap as chips, and relatvely handy to introduce as a pacifier for the Governments critics, and although there are no info/websites about MPGS doesn't neccesarily mean that it's about to be written off. It's cheap labour, with perks. The services are being stretched to capacity, and therefore there will be a need to supplement the camps with Dad's Army style security allowing the real troops to get on with the work that they joined up for. I can't see this changing at all in the current climate. Is it ever going to change ?. I doubt it....There will always be a need for the 3 services, and with education /university places getting 'easier', recruitment to the services will be diminished even further. Vicious circle for the Government isn't it ??

    Can anyone currently in the MPGS contribute to this!?? I'm not dismissing any of the areas already raised, but I would like some constuctive points on both sides..

    I'm not daft, I know that by changing my 'career' path is suicidal, and please don't think that I'm a civvie that's finding it tough 'out there', Im not. I was well prepped for leaving, and walked into a dream job, and have since progressed further and have really enjoyed being out.
    However, if you can read on it's a lifestyle choice ... 6 years to a pension, more money, more time off ?

    AND, If I threw in the equation that my family will be moving overseas next year (1 hour flight from local airport) and I was planning on commuting out on my 4 days off, would this swing it knowing that my current job would probably never let me do a 4 day week (although I am planning on begging them). 20 days a year holiday and some rapid weekend flights isn't enough for me...I'm also going to use the 'off' time to start my own business here and overseas so that I don't become completely braindrained.

    I am aware that 'some' of the 4 days off will be training or 'standby' days - Perhaps the MPGS ers out there can put in some pointers

    Take advantage of all you have in the Services. There are a great deal of things that are taken for granted whilst you are in. Education / housing / Gymnasiums / Medical -Dental . Even meals and the clothes you work in are all needed to be paid for as soon as you hit the wide world. For Fecks sake, I'm on 32k and I'm considering coming back in! My teeth are fecked, and my suits are wearing thin...!

    Cheers for all you've said so far. I look forward to some more feedback!

  14. have a look at the MOD job vacancies.You could probably get an IT job with them.
  15. Looking at the financial analysis and trying to price the barrier-mans benefits, there does not seem any really great difference. From my own experience however, doing a job you enjoy is basically priceless. Forget the money side and see what you think about any change. The civilian salary and benefits are nothing really great - what options do you have to stay in the same line of work and increase those things that are below the guard job? If you want to transfer to something military - what jobs are there in the green that take note of your abilities so you come in on a higher band of pay.
    What you must decide is whether you could really exist as a guard after the first few weeks. It must be one of the most boring jobs imaginable. What about your colleagues - no detriment but the converation round the old brazier is unlikely to be very stimulating.