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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by ex_donkey_man, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Any chance of a sticky with a thread on military programmes on the box?

    I nearly missed The bomb squad last night and the night before I only just caught that the programme on basic training on BBC 3 is on Thursday (starts 15th Spet, 4 weeks) at 9pm.

    Would be good for a thread so if people known military programmes are on they can whack it up here - Same with TA and the Taliban.

    Good thought or poo?
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  2. Get it on the BBC iplayer or the channels own sites
  3. Is it just me, or are military themed programmes the new "reality" flavour of the month? It is great to see the Armed Forces in such a positive light and us old and bold need to be regularly reminded of the sterling work being done by the young lads and lasses, but I believe there is a danger of overkill here (no pun intended). God forbid the military ends up as just another TV slot to fill the 24 hour void, similar to cookery and makeover programmes. It's a fine line and I hope we don't cross it, as inevitably public indifference will set in (if it hasn't already).
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  4. I have an abstract sociological theory on this.

    Basically, the majority of British people are pissed off that the country's a total ******* mess.

    It's practically heresy to be overtly nationalistic/patriotic anymore and you can't even vote for a nationalist party without being accused of "Rey-Sism".

    So people have reverted into a counter-contemporary culture which allows them to immerse themselves in facets of British history when things such as hegemony, national unity and patriotic fervour were the norm (and when we last achieved anything decent as a nation).

    This first became a load of WW2 propaganda being re-merchandised as T-Shirts and silly posters (all this "Keep Calm And Carry On" clap-trap that makes you want to give somebody a ******* smack every time you see it flaunted around).

    Now it's evolved into overt interest/support for the Forces among some, as this is seen as the only patriotic act a person can undertake which doesn't always result in being condemned by the Liberal Loons (although some object to even this).
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  5. Well with the TA with the taliban, bomb squad and there was a programme about a 16 year old gf looking after her injured boyfriend after losing his legs in Afghan on the box last night so waiting for some left wing nutter complaining. All good in my book except for the idiots from 13 Air assault eating a peice of manky pizza that had been left on the sandy floor for a few days as a bet...especially when the other lad featured was a full screw medic saying how easy it to get illnesses in the desert.
  6. Yeh, that was a repeat from BBC 3, I've heard (from a few on here) the girlfriend has left him now. poor lad.