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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Heff30, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. What are military prisons like?

    Are they like HM Prisons? Do they get PS3's, tv etc? Or is it proper hard core, work your ass off, no luxuries?

  2. God knows, I was always a good boy!
  3. IIRC from the TV series 'Glass house', all about MCTC.

    The regime there is similar to Basic Training. Being marched about and expected to clean stuff. IIRC the 'trophy' for winning best room was a radio to listen to for the night.

    Personally I'd like to see the MoD take control of ALL HMPs... (not the ones full of mental cases though, we'll use them as some sort of impact area) ... then we can compare reoffender rates :D
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  4. Last I heard they all get a radio per room now.
    One of the staff there told me that years ago that the reoffending rate was 2% (and detention was used as a punishment alot more back then). She said it was standing at 26% now (2002) as discipline is slowly being eroded.
    She also said they did try looking after young offenders in some trial period and surprisingly alot of them took to the discipline but then they had things like family visits and the prisoners were all holding their babies, it turned out the nappies contained drugs.
    Funny old thing though, strict discipline and not treating criminals as victims seems to work alot better than worrying about their human rights.
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  5. Probably soft in comparison to the good old days! I can remember an aquaintance of mine who was reluctant to do his National Service (yes I am old)! After the civi Police & the RMP had picked him up a few times for failing to report /absconding from his training unit, he was given some time in Shepton Mallet! Following which incarceration, he became a model soldier, He never mentioned details but vowed he never wished to return to its cells again! "The British and American occupation of the jail from 1939 to 1965. During the American period 21 Servicemen were hanged and 2 were shot for crimes of rape and murder. The Military Prison was known as the ‘Glasshouse’ and a place to be feared by all servicemen."
  6. I did 6 months soldier on in 1986 in A Wing and it was one of the best times I had in the forces, met blokes from all different regiments and corps and it was pretty much like going through basic training again, in fact once discharged I was immediatley put on the next JNCO cadre. Remember the trainasium pretty much everyday and 10 milers with metal stretcher or log usually in NBC kit, also did foreign weapons handling and plenty of fieldcrat and tactics stuff, from what I remember D Wing did dixie bashing and the gardens stuff like that, I can the food being top notch and the best room got the radio of a Sunday night also a metal bumper which was used 24/7 but all in all had a ball.
  7. Sounds like the prisons should go back a few decades, human rights? No criminal should have human rights. Anyone who steps over the boundary and becomes a criminal for whatever reason should pretty much have no rights other than basic somewhere to shit/piss, clean etc. They should be made to work hard not get to sit around playing PS3. Military prisons seem much better than HM prisons. I bet the re-offending rate in a HM prison is a lot more than in a Military prison. As someone said I definitely reckon all prisons should be manned by military personnel.

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  8. It says that Colchester only takes prisoners that are serving 14days to 2 years, what happens to soldiers serving time for murder and such where the sentences are longer than 2 years?

  9. don't qoute me on this but I think they're fucked off out of the army and delt with by civil prisons
  10. Yes they are.
  11. From what I can remember, they go to Colly for holding, then shifted to Chelmsford until they can be sent to a prison near to where they live. Apparently.
  12. I worked in the prison at Fallingbostel 18 months a go. If you get a sentence 14 days or under, you will stay with your Garrison nick(Thats how it was with 7 BDE anyhoo). You get up at 6 in the morning and have lights out at 2200. Through the day you do P.T and military skills. You will get inspected in the morning(bed blocks and a locker lay out on your bed,also you and your uniform). It is a quick short sharp bull shitty shock to the system so you dont offended again.

    14 days to 18 months(?) you will go to colly. If you get soldier on(meaning after your nick time you head back to unit) you spend all your time doing skills and drills and p.t. The best room of the week gets to have a radio in there room. No t.v's or computers. From what the lads say who have been there, they loved it. They come back better trained and very keen. Alot come back with qualifications. It is no where near has harsh as it used to be.

    If your getting discharged, you do not really touch any military stuff again. You work on setting yourself up for civy street. Courses and quals. Its all very touch feely and not that bull shitty for you. I think i am right in saying that you don't have anything to do with the guys that get soldier on.

    Anything over 18 months, as someone said earlier. You are off to the big boys pen. We had a Jamican guy who took a baseball bat to someone. He got 3 years and was very cock cause he heard how cushy colly was. He just fucked us all off and kissed his teeth at us all day. I had a deep joy in telling him he was going straight to civvy nick.

    Any questions PM me and i will try my best to answer.

  13. You have to understand that the MCTC does not take anyone sentenced to imprisonment. It only takes those sentenced to detention. If you are given a prison sentence you are held in your unit or local nick until the sentence is confirmed then you're shipped off to civvy nick. Even if the sentence is only a short one.
    When I was on the staff of the MCTC we only ever had one SUS (soldier under sentence) who was sentenced to prison and that was a R Sigs guy who had shot his guard commander whilst on guard duty. He was sent to the MCTC by mistake whilst he was waiting confirmation of sentence. He was held on E Wing which was the old punishment wing were SUS on punishment were put in solitary. He didn't stay long.
    The only other guy who had been sentenced to imprisonment (6 months IIRC) went to Chelmsford and did nearly a month there before his sentenced was reduced on appeal to 6 months detention and discharge. He came back into the Army, was re-kitted out and served his time on D Wing - an amazing waste of money re-kitting him and he was mightily pissed off because he actually preferred civvy nick.
  14. I defended 2 guys at a CM,who were found guilty of murder.They were immediately discharged,and sent to HMP Winchester,under escort,from where they were disburded into the civvy system.At that time Colchester only dealt with people with a (max) 6 months sentence.

  15. Remind me never to ask for you to defend me! I heard they were only up for drunk and disorderly. :wink:
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