Military prisons in Israel are overcrowded,7340,L-3658996,00.html

Jerusalem resident Maya Yehieli, 19, was set to be recruited last week but refused for "moral reasons" following the launching of the military offensive in Gaza.

She was sentenced to 14 days in a military prison, but was eventually released to her home because the prison was overcrowded.
Engineering Corps lieutenant arrested for going AWOL, says Israel failed to explore all other possibilities before resorting to violence. 'Bombing Gaza won't bring security to Israel's southern region,' says another refusenik
Noam Livneh, a lieutenant in an Engineering Corps' reserves unit, told Ynet prior to his arrest that he had also refused to serve in the West Bank city of Nablus some eight years ago for "ethical reasons".
According to Livneh, the IDF generally elects not to deal with insubordinate soldiers in order to strengthen its claim that the phenomenon is negligible. The group "Courage to Refuse" was also surprised by Livneh's arrest, saying that such measures are rare.
Another soldier who refused to fight in Gaza, Staff-Sergeant (Res.) Yitzhak Ben-Muha...

They are I believe rare cases and morale of IDF is high.
And I'm sure that's why you posted it.....


There have always been members of society willing to let others do the fighting. This is nothing new and it disgusts me. Next time someone turns themself into pink mist in a Tel Aviv pizzza restuarant whilst there tucking into a family sized Hawaiin, they want to 'have a word with themsleves'
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Mate, it is being discusse here

If you care to read my post on this thread then you would know that as for non-combat deaths in the Russian armed forced then there are 39 deaths per 100,000 personnel. As for the British armed forces then there are (2007) 67 per 100,000.

If you exclude Ghurkas (which the government seems more than happy to do) I didn't think we had 100,000 soldiers in the Army.

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