Military preparation course?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by colsy, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone any info or actually been on the 9 day Military Preparation course, I have passed ADSC with an A grade, Also have my start date, but advised that this would be a good course to go on. Cannot find any info on these courses?

    It is not compulsory, but told it would be a good thing to do..
  2. I am in a similar situation; I have my ITC start date for May and was advised I could go on one of these courses in March or April. I was told it is non-compulsory but little else. I am over in NI though; apparently the numbers attending is pretty low like 5-6 people. Not sure it’s worth taking the time off work for at the minute without details of its value. Fun, maybe but unpaid fun?
  3. I live in southern Ireland and would have to travel up to Palace Barracks, I think we get taken over to another Barracks in the North for 9 days, Is it just an extended course similar to selection?
  4. I had a feeling you were from our neck of the woods, everyone i speak to from across the water has never heard of the MPC's. Yea it is in Ballykinler, between Downpatrick and Newcastle. I had a place on the March course but withdrew as I can't get away from work and am waiting on details for April. I know next to nothing about the course itself.
  5. I have also been offered a date for March 11th, I presume they are every month, but i have my oath in April and i am guessing that date clashes with the April MPC date. Head to Pirbright 2nd May.
  6. I was on a 14 week Military Prep Course.. if its anything like mine was, it will do you good. Saying that, my course was ran by an ex-marine and an ex CSM.. so i basically hung out of my arse for 14 weeks. They say its harder than phase 1.
    But yeah, if you can get on one do it!
  7. I am from N.I aswell. I am going on the MPC in March. I also have my oath in april and go to pirbright on the 16th of may.

    I talked to a lad who was on it and he said its worth while. You will find out what is expected of you in basic training and what its going to be like. From what I heard there is already 15 people going on the MPC in march from my careers office alone. I think they can take up to 30. The lad I talked to said they started with 25 and finished with 19, some people didnt think it was for them and dropped out.
  8. Another NI lad checking in.

    I will be there in March, no idea what the score is other than turn up and enthusiastically, with good humour suffer for x amount of days. Can't see it being anything but a good insight though!
  9. Lads the 9 day MPC is only done in N.I as far as i know.
    I done it at the start of January,it's quite a good course to go on.It gives u a good insight into basic training.
    Lets you see if the army is for you.Any questions on what the course consists of feel free to PM me.
  10. Based on all the info offered so far it actually seems worth while. I tried to get dates for april (NI) but it looks like they have not been confirmed yet.
  11. anybody in north manchester set to be doing the 14 week military prep course? pm mee if you are!
  12. I am going to the Course in Ballykinler this Friday 2nd september for the 9 days is anyone else going
  13. I am in the south east of England is there anything like this offered my way. I am currently going through my application so not at the stage of a start date yet but thinking once I am through would be a good prep course prior. Thanks guys
  14. Did you guys sort the course out in careers office, they called me and asked me to go into 'connections' to apply for course and he would put me on HIS SYSTEM <