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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by leigh1526, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. Noticed this link from MoD oracle, as an MDP officer it can get frustrating when they frequently term the MDP as military police, as it can give the wrong impression of what our role is within the MoD. Especially to people outside the wider MoD, when I was serving in the army I had little or no idea about the MDP. Just wondered from a service police perspective what is the feeling when they see headlines such as the one seen.(would do a link but not sure how)
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    Is this what you mean:

  3. Clicky please?
  4. Yes, thanks for that
  5. I agree, you are not Military Police and your role differs greatly from those who are, although the main difference being the powers that the RMP have over in Germany, thanks to the Staus of Forces Agreement they are more of an active policing body than the MDP. :p

    Although the MDP are used to great effect here in the UK and are renound for the high standard of guarding and protecting security/sensitive locations together with their Fraud squad being 'not bad'. I believe they were also heavily used in the aftermath of the 7/7 bombings in london, however, like the RMP they are not a HO force.

    There is argument though that by expanding the powers of the UK based RMP would allow the MDP to be disbanded which in turn would free up a large amount of funding all round.

    So the question should be 'Do you think that the MDP are justified as a Force or could the RMP take on their role effectively?

    Just thought I would play devils advocate :lol:

    Your comments please
  6. Yes. MDP have a core role to play in Garrison policing and do a great job, particularly in policing SFA areas.

    No. Our Garrison has seen a substantial reduction in MDP numbers and the current policy of brigading MDP assets, and then responding as necessary to incidents, is utterly ineffective. No amount of target setting and promised response times will affect this reality - what is needed is eyes on the ground. The RMP simply cannot pick up the gap left in capability as most of the incumbent Provo company are established for operations, with the home policing element distinctly in the minority (and already supporting the civil police in the town centre).
  7. What if (while on Military Establishments) the RMP/RAF Plod/Navy Plod were responsible for MOD Plod?
  8. Ah, are we talking about a tri service/quad service defence police force? I am sure some will have things to say about this BUT already the RMP, Naval Provost and RAFP together with the MDP engage on joint training in certain areas.
  9. Leigh1526:
    Are the MOD Police recruiting extra manpower to cope with the increased responsibility, I am out soon and live near a gas terminal in Humberside. How long do you see this commitment going on for?

  10. Most peoples's view of MDP is the armed guarding of nuclear assets, standing on gates etc etc, this is still a police role. Certainly I started my police career at Aldermaston, an all civil establishment apart from about 3 service personnel. In terms of RMP taking on MDP role and disbanding MDP interesting concept however, a lot of these places especially at AWE and on the clyde there is a large anti nuclear protest. It is government policy that uniformed civil police officers deal with these people. Something we are very good at, I think the last thing government wants to see are soldiers deal with the wider community outside an emergency. MDP officers are all attested constables under the MoD Police Act 1987, service police are not and have no status in law. ie if dealing with an incident they have witnessed not involving service personnel then they can only use any person powers and only arrest for indictable offences. In terms of policing I am a sgt at Whitehall where there are no fences or gates and everything we do is out on the streets, a large amount of anti terrorist stuff s44 terrorist searches etc. Where we deal with everything that we find, and it pays quite well. In terms of liaison I like to pop down to Rochester Row now again for a cuppa, RECMEC yes they are going to make the gas terminals permanent stations nothings been advertised yet in force but they are going to need at least 160 officers.
  11. Can I highjack your thread and ask a possibly stupid question?

    Can someone list all the police and guarding organisations that the MoD has and include a brief description (in idiot language) of what they do?

    That way I'll make sure I have the correct description before I slag them off :D
  12. PAW, what exactly is the core role of MDP? Here in North Yorks not so long ago, they were told to stay inside the wire by the locals. The locals, being short on Bobbies, then had an agreement with MDP that they deal with all civil crime inside the wire (Garrison). This allowed the locals to redploy their thin blue line elsewhere.

    Why do MDP exist? I live in the country's biggest Garrison and I never see them. So I don't agree that they do a great job in the SFA areas. Don't get me wrong, it's not a dislike thing, I've made quite a few firm friends in MDP, but I'm buggered if I can see what they do. Do they still have Agency Status? If so, why should the Comd of 19 Bde pay for their services ,when he has RMP to deal with his soldiers and North Yorks Police to deal with the dependants and any contractors as they would any other citizen. What about the MGF? The question of MDP guarding against terrorism in any military location is a question which needs raising in Parliament. Dare I say that job can be done equally if not better by service personnel who cost less? Can the MOD afford it's own private police force. We allegedly couldn't afford to keep certain Battalions, but we keep an expensive commodity which does very little in the way of policing. The same could be uttered about the SErvice Police, but they at least have an Ops role.

    About 20 odd years ago, they were going to disband the MDP. Their CC at that time must have been some sweet talker as he came out of the interview with a mandate for more men. Good drills for him, but they are expensive and not exactly overworked and run down with crime.
  13. Have a look at:

    The first paragraph says it all. It partially alludes to policing in the first instance then admits its a guard service. Guarding Nuclear Bases....why don't the use the AE Constabulary (have they changed their name recently?). The paragraph hints that guarding is a main role of the County Constabularies. Tosh.

    It looks to me as if the MDP are grasping for jobs to justify their existence. Perhaps in Whitehall they do have a policing role, but it's not one which couldn't be done by the locals and it can't be big enough to keep them all afloat. Powers of arrest for tackling Nuclear Protesters? Apart from there not being a enough service personnel of recent, why couldn't a soldier be sworn in as a Special for inside the wire only activities? The Guard Service in Lisburn are sworn Special Constables, so why not Joe Squaddie?

    MDP are prospering on the numbers game.

    Can anyone from the MDP give a link to their crime figures for 2005/2006?
  14. MDP are empire building, that's all. The job they do can be dome more effectively and more cheaply ny others, as Biccies says.
  15. Biscuits,

    You make some good points. However, in my particular Garrison they do patrol the patch, they do it regularly, and they do it effectively.

    I totally agree with your point about funding, which is why LAND pulled the plug on many MDP posts. After all, why should the MoD pay to police the patch when the CC and tax we all pay should be funding this capability? Well, quite simply because if we relied on the local plod, or any other local service for that matter, we wouldn't get any service. That is why we continue to fund community centres, creches, and playgroups from MoD funds and spend such a lot of time helping out in local (service family heavy) schools - it's either that or diddly squat.

    Not good, but with many soldiers deployed on ops, including much of the Provo Coy, and with hardly a copper to be seen in town let alone on the patch, the families welcome, and are reassured by, an MDP presence.