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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by baz1986, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. What licenses do you learn for in phase 2 and are the courses intensive? I have failed my test a few times and was wondering if it'll be any different to civvy tests? cheers
  2. Just the standard 'Licence to Kill' why do you ask?
  3. Just wondering what vehichles I'll learn to drive.....
  4. You will start with Cat B and the test is exactly the same as the test in civvy street.
  5. Thats correct..probably civie instructors aswell.
  6. what do the RMP patrol in? Land rovers and motorbikes?
  7. If you get through the bog standard class B (car) then it opens up a plethora of different vehicle tests.

    One of the most coveted is class TB 4 but that is light years away from where you are at present. Get that baby on your license and the world truly is your oyster.
  8. The last patrol car I saw was a Ford Mondeo, don't know what they drive now. In my day it was Vauxhall Cavaliers and Ford Escort estates. For a while whilst at 150 we had Rover Montegos. The worse patrol car I ever drove was at Aldershot, it was a shocking lime green Vauxhall Chevette estate, now that was a horrible car. I don't know if any of the other ex 160 lads and lasses will remember it? 8O
  9. Funny, in my time the cars were issued for patrols but blagged by officers who really should have been charged with impersonating both soldiers and policemen.
  10. When I first joined, in 150 i drove a Morris Traveller, wood an all, bit different today and then in 6 sp platoon we drove ford granadas, dont know what CP drives these days.
  11. I already have a car licence (but german). Can anyone tell me if I will have to take a test for an english licence when doing driver training in phase 2?
  12. Thank you western
  13. Western's squad were the first to be issued with the 'horseless carriage'. A short time later they trialled 'puttees' and forage caps.
  14. We had the Montegos up until 1999 in 156! I cant think of anything more embarressing than turning up to an incident in one of those with the "Nee Naw" sirens blurring out! I think everyone has Vectras now, saloons in the UK and estates in Germany. The UIE etc were using horrible little Corsa things too.
    Its highly unlikely at GPD level these days that you will do any "advanced" driving, the driving school in JHQ has long gone so the only oppurtunities you will get when it comes to this sort of thing will be the CP course where "enhanced" driving is taught although this is not a qualification and Covert Ops Team, who do or did do a Civil Police advanced drivers course. Quite a few of the instructors at CPU also do this course.