Military / Police / Civilian shooting range at Eskdalemuir facing pressure to close / not function

I did a search, but it seems this has not come up for discussion. I also looks for the rules, but couldn't find any? Especially on SPAM and links being used? Anyway the UK Eskdalemuir gun range, run by Gardner's guns, needs your help...

No linkie I'm afraid, but a search on 'Show support for the running of a home office approved rifle range and business' and 'Eskdalemuir' should show the petition.

I do believe it a relevant situation to this forum, for varying reasons. The press have reported that soldiers with PTSD are at the monastery and suffering from the noise of gunshots, but the Field Sports channel has a good video which rebuffs the monks outlook and complaint. It shows that shots can't be heard and that the trucks supplying the lumberyard nearer the monastery are noisier, with the monks having also complained about that.

The local council has received complaints about the range from people as far away as South Africa? People who will likely never even use it, or even come to the UK. The wonders and influence of social media.

I'm sure the range's owners would really appreciate your support and the ARSE forum seems a good place, as I assume there are a fair few civvie shooters on it as well. If you could sign the petition and forward it on to your friends to encourage them to do so, it may well help to ensure the range can function into the future, as the more opportunity and options of where to shoot, assist all shooting overall.

Appreciate your time, and possible abuse I may get for posting this! ;)


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oh you'll get abuse, it's the law

here is the link


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