Military Plays Up Role of Zarqawi

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 10, 2006.

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    But how many innocent Iraqis (including children) were killed in attempts 'to elimitate' the Jordanian?
  2. Not as many as the Chechan civvies you lot killed in your attempts to capture or kill your bogeymen. F*cking Russians, you 've got short memories.
  3. Good answer AB, I actually fell into the trap of thinking KGB was a decent ARRSE Member, when in fact he is nothing but a NATO Western Countries hating Turd!!! you are officially a muppet fella...

  4. Gundolph i have been saying the same thing about KGB for a while . He is a yank/ anyone west of Dover hater .
  5. Sorry, bics, but you can do much better than this! Just saying: "Ah, but look what yoooooo did!" doesn't in any way answer the question that Sergey put. Stay on track, man!

    By the way, gundulph and paveway_3; have you ever thought of subscribing to With your attitudes, I'm sure they'd welcome you with open arms there! Stronzi!

  6. Afraid i have to agree with bugsy on this one.

    Despite Sergey and his blatant yank baiting, the point is that we should not ignore the points he raises simply because his countrymen may have commited worse crimes. That course of action does nothing to detract from the issues that sergey raises.

    Moral relativism is simplistic.

    As for the issue at hand, i would agree with the article. The yanks operate on a 'bogeyman' principle. They require a singular target, at which they can direct their energy and attention. They did it with Bin Laden in Afghanistan (where is he now?), and have followed the same path in Iraq, by building Al Zarqawi up to be public enemy no1.

    It's the way they work.
  7. Biscuits_AB!

    Apparently you are interesting in Chechen events. Unlike Iraq situation in Chechnya goes better.

    As for the theme of this thread then you may blame Washington Post. Probably it is not anti-American or anti-Western newspaper. As for my question then I refer you to...

    Maybe BBC is anti-American but definetly not anti-Western. So my question was founded on BBC's reports. Blame BBC, not me.
  8. ITs not what KGB posts that is the drama , the subject could become an interesting thread .
    However its his constant yank baiting that makes his stance so predictable . Bugsy please explain
    , what is the problem with my attitude ?
  9. Fellas take it to PM.

    Back on topic.

    Was the real reason he became a bogeyman and 'bigged up' was for the longest time, the US refused to release the unpalatable news that a good many Iraqis were actually engaged in Insurgent activity? Refusal to tactily admit where the bulk of the threat came from , in fact bit them on the Arrse.

    Remember the 'It's all foreign fighters and Ba'ath party diehards"? I thought that faerie tale died at Najaf.
  10. Paveway!

    I'm mathematician. Looking at theorem I'm not interesting in ethnical identity or faith of an induvidual who proved it. It is absolutely irrelevant. A proof itself is the only relevant matter.

    You have a wrong impression that your obeyed servant keeps on 'constant yank baiting'. It is simply not true.

    Proof. Suppose that it is true and I use any possibility to laugh at our American friends. So (in this case) I would take part in this thread

    But have you seen my posts there? The Amrericans (with rare exceptions) have exellent sense of humour and understand irony pretty well. And I never used this word 'septics'. It is softly speaking not polite.
  11. Well for a mathematician you are pretty shite at maths and logic Sergey.

    No one said you use absolutely every opportunity to bash yanks. But go and do a survey of your last 100 posts and rate them as 'yank positive', 'yank neutral' or 'yank negative'. Then compare your rate to the arrse average and get back to us.

    Anyway enough of this therom rubbish... my head hurts...


    PS - Please don't really do a survey, I'm just trying to illustrate the point in a suitably mathematical manner.
  12. Tricam!

    It is your thread

    It is rather 'yank negative' thread showing that American military is worse that the British one.

    As for 'negative' then vast majority of posts there are in fact negative.
  13. Same could be said in reverse about a lot of our 'colonial' cousins :lol:
  14. Sergey obsessively spends every night trawling the internet for stories putting the US in a bad light, then posts them on here. I expect he's taking the decline of Russia pretty hard and needs to slag off someone else to make himself feel better.

    As for the Zarqawi point, probably more for domestic consumption in the US. Having these bogeymen running around enables the US to pursue its real agenda - whatever that is - under the guise of hunting them down.
  15. Andy!

    The story in news #1 in Washington Post - one of the leading American newspapers. The article was mentioned in many other news-sources (including Yahoo news). I mean that it is on the surface. And I disagree that this thread is only 'US-negative'. I would like to highlight that it demonstrates how freedom of speech works in USA. American press is free enough to publish this (apparently unwanted by Pentagon) material. So in whole this thread it is rather 'US-positive'.

    If it was only for 'domestic consumption' then why did you initiate this thread?