Military perspective advice needed!!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by SunkissedBlonde, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. :D Hello, im a new member so 1st post...

    Anyone else in a relationship with someone in the RAF? I am and he seems to spend half his life in a mood about it - this is obviously doing my head in, but i don't want to end it as i have feelings for him (i expect abuse for saying that lol)!!!

    He can't leave yet and has just moved bases.

    Thanks alot

  2. WAH!
  3. Oh please tell me this is a wah.........
    On the other hand, its a slack afternoon here in la la land........
    Dear child, for your own preservation and sanity, remove this post and pop it onto the RAF site (but not after 1630 when they're closed).
    But as you've asked for comment: he is in a mood about being in the RAF as he feels less than a man. You'll probably find that, in company, he will try and pass himself off as an estate agent, tax inspector or proctologist rather than confessing to being a member of the RAF. I suspect he is undergoing a crisis of confidence. Should he accept mediocrity and remain in the blue suit or should he strive mightily and seek a place in the real world? I fear that you will have noticed a slight falling off in "certain areas". Don't be unduely concerned, this is normal in members (!) of the RAF. You have been rash enough to admit "feelings" for this poor soul. If you really want to help him..... ah, stuff it. sack him. he's a loser.
  4. I can assure you there are no problems in that department lol, i was expecting some advice from some sypathetic ladies, and look what i get :roll: !!
  5. I can be a sympathetic lady........ I can be whatever you want...... :twisted:
  6. Pop over to ARRSE's sister site, Rear Party
  7. Oh DB, you doing the caring sisterhood thing? Darn.... off to find some more harmless entetainment now...... mutter, mutter, spoilsport.... no sense of fun,.... mutter..
  8. SKB, if you want to talk about this " in depth" ahem, I too am in Yorkshire, and more than willing to offer a shoulder or two!!
    Mind you, I suspect I will do nothing more than ridicule your choice of mate for being in blue!!!
  9. Marvellous. If you could just pop your clothes on the couch over there? NURSE, THE SCREENS!
  10. Thanks Dozy, didnt even know that sight existed, i was told to come on here by a mate :D
  11. With friends like that.......... :roll:
  12. :D Sorreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rickshaw, but it is in The Other Half forum - don't worry, I'm sure fresh meat will be along before too long in Lonely Hearts or the The NAAFI Bar and if all else fails you can savage the No-Post-Noras in The Gallery! :D
  13. Quite a laugh on here actually, forget the advice on men!!!

    And i never knew being in the RAF held such a stigma........ :wink:
  14. Ah SkB, you have been seduced by the alure of the Dark Side.......embrace the force of the cynics and the iconoclasts.... surrender to the ..... Oh, sorry, wrong sketch. Ahem.
  15. You mean you didn't notice that Green is a much nicer colour than Blue?

    Just out of interest, what part of the RAF is he in?