Military Pension Tax Relief

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by snotgoblin, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Come on folks, if you haven't already signed it take a second or two to show your support. (Unless of course you a delighted by the governments generosity at you being at their beck and call for the last couple of decades). It is not just for you but for those that follow, and who may well fair even worse.

    You don't need me to tell you that the real value of a British military pension has been continually eroded over that last few decades.
  2. Had a look at this one. Seems to me the civil servants, local government workers and MPs etc. could all use this kind of agrument to the same end.

    Bit iffy IMO.
  3. You pay tax on all earnings and gains. Not avoidable. The trick is to have a business and declare the pension to be your only wage. this in some cases keeps you below the tax threshold but take advice from an accountant. If you have a limited company with yourself as a major shareholder then you can award a shareholder dividend in the form of profits.
  4. Not this half-arrsed cr@p rearing its ugly head again. It's like the many-headed Hydra. Get a life. Which part of it-is-just-not-going-to-happen are you unable to understand? This sort of nonsense is about a real as the Tooth Fairy.

    Only interesting thing is that there are apparently some 12,000 people out there naive or stupid enough to waste their time signing up.

    If you want a free ride why not just stand for Parliament instead? I'll vote for yer. Not.
  5. I share the view that this motion will fail but it's nontheless the perogative of the OP to post whatever he chooses...
  6. Having just read all the comments,I have a question.

    How many of you are in receipt of a military pension,and are you all aware that the military pension is taxed at base rate come hell or high water? :roll: