Military Online Gaming?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Monaro, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. Counter Strike

  2. Day of Defeat

  3. America`s Army

  4. Battlefield 2

  5. More than 1 of the above

  6. Other

  7. Online what? :S

  1. I'm trying to see if people from the British armed forces play mil online games...

    Play for fun or are you a bit like me and go over the top with the old "Section, 150, quarter left, next to box, rapid fire" :roll:

    P.S If anyone knows of any "clans" that are made up entirely of British personnel, let me know :p
  2. Maybe you should ask some of the "soldiers" on the video in your sig?

  3. Already have - none of them do :p
  4. I prefer games like Settlers/Civilisation etc.
  5. Mmmm, I think out of the above choices I prefer Counterstrike!

    (Imagine That!) 8O
  6. Monaro,

    On my hard drive - Combat Mission Barbarossa - Berlin and Combat Mission Afrika Corps.

    In answer to your question, yes I pick up a lot. For example, I learned about the Arnhem campaign with Talonsoft's Westfront program on my screen and a copy of Cornelius Ryan's "A Bridge too far" on my knee.

    Doing this sort of thing puts you in the decision making loop rather than just passively taking in information - and trust me, with this dual approach you really do get a good idea of what actually went on - including being able to say which aspects of the game program were not able to duplicate the real life situation on the ground. In the case of Arnhem for example, the Talonsoft program failed to re-create the breakdown of comms that Urquhart had to deal with.

    Is this Walt like? No, my approach is strictly historical. I usually write myself a full set of orders (Ground, Sit Enemy Forces Sit Friendly forces Mission etc). I am very critical of my mistakes. I am also aware that if it all goes to ratsh1t, I can re-boot and try again, an option that was not available to the people who actually had to do it for real.

    A huge amount of respect due there!

  7. you forgot call of duty 2

  8. Hence "other" :wink:

    Still no suggestions of Brit personnel clans. Maybe an ARRSE one is in order.. but the older kids would laugh at our name...

  9. I did play a clan back ages ago on Battlefield 1942 on the Desert Combat mod who were mostly forces. Can't remember their name or anything.
  10. on the no mil side there are a couple of world of warcraft clans which are brit forces but i've not bought that because everyone i know who has no longer has a life
  11. But Red Orchestra is rather good

  12. I was going to try the free weekend, but it was such a huge file that it would've taken the entire weekend to download :x
  13. I play a lot of C&C Tiberian Sun and Day of Defeat just for fun though wouldn't go in one of those proper geeky clans.

    Counter Strike (or Counter Sh1te as I call it) went cr@p around the time they released it on retail and i think the first thing everyone did was found the cheats download sites and just made the game not worth playing.
  14. I'm hoping there'll be a decent single-player expansion pack for CoD2. I've dabbled with multiplayer, but sadly there seems to be widespread cheating on most of the servers.
  15. There are plenty of online games other than first-person-shooters such as Combat Mission or Steel Beasts...