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Reading Paul Burns Obit today in the Telegraph

Lance-Corporal Paul Burns - Telegraph

Led me to the one about Captain Charles Upham VC and Bar who died in 1994.

Captain Charles Upham VC & Bar - Telegraph

Extraordinary Man and a a real true hero... The description of his exploits were indeed riveting but not only that this double VC winner had to ability to see into the future...

In 1962, he was persuaded to denounce the British government's attempt to enter the Common Market: "Britain will gradually be pulled down and down," Upham admonished, "and the whole English way of life will be in danger." He reiterated the point in 1971: "Your politicians have made money their god, but what they are buying is disaster."
He added: "They'll cheat you yet, those Germans."
A remarkable insight.....
You can't keep a good man down. What a life Paul Burns had! His children should be the proudest on earth to have had such a dad, who plainly loved his fellow man in spite of all that had been done to him.

He may have lost both legs in the end, but in my book, he was the tallest man around.


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