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Military Movers are hiring

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Matthew Edwards, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Military Movers are hiring.

    We are currently interviewing for the following roles:

    Regional Manager.

    The candidate will be responsible for running a designated region liaising with clients and managing crew leaders and crews.
    Other responsibilities:
    Recruiting and screening new crew members and leaders.
    Dealing with clients, both commercial and domestic.
    Quoting for, and winning new business.
    Working alongside the head office marketing team to identify and secure new business.
    Manage bookings and work schedules.
    Create and foster an enjoyable working environment in accordance to the Military Movers ethos and Pledge.
    Encourage team members to be entrepreneurial and forward thinking.
    This role is best suited to a candidate who has attained the rank of senior NCO of Officer within any of the Armed Forces, or someone from civilian life with management experience within domestic and commercial removals. You will need to be a self starter and leader.

    The successful candidate will partake in a generous profit share of all operations within their designated region.

    Crew Leader

    From either an armed forces or removals background.
    Lead a small crew of domestic and commercial removers.
    Work in accordance to the Military Movers ethos and Pledge.
    Manage client relationship whilst enaged on jobs.
    Foster and encourage a positive working environment.
    Compensation is on a daily contract rate.


    From either an armed forces or removals background.
    Carry out removals service to the Military Movers standards and guidelines.
    Work alongside like-minded individuals dedicated to giving the best customer service.
    Fit and able to carry-out domestic and commercial removals.
    Strong initiative and work ethic.
    Full driving licence, can drive up to 7.5 ton. Less than 6 points and no driving bans.
    Compensation is on a daily contract rate.

    In all instances, please submit your CV to;

    We will be in touch at the earliest opportunity.
  2. Sorry I'm far to upbeat and jolly to be a mover
  3. So, have you now cleared up the theft of the name from the American firm? You never did answer all the questions put to you on the RA facebook page!