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Not a drop short, but the 3.7 AA gun is also an option.

ETA: from Wiki:

For the British Army, it fulfilled a role between field artillery tractors (FATs) such as the Morris C8 Quad, which towed smaller guns such as the 25-pounder gun-howitzer, and the Scammell Pioneer, used for towing the 7.2-inch howitzer. It was commonly used to tow the 5.5-inch medium gun and the QF 3.7-inch AA gun. The Matador was found to be a generally useful vehicle and was adapted for other roles, including carrying a 25-pounder gun. (I'm assuming this last phrase refers to a portee.)

AEC Matador - Wikipedia
Brilliant, cheers SO, I didn't think to look it up on Wiki, my usual first port of call.
Having a bit of a dig through the pile at the minute as I'm feeling guilty about never finishing anything (mostly).... I do finish things sometimes.

One of the favourites on the to do list

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 19.10.53.jpg

Iconic shot that one. Anyway


I did pick up the resin and etch one a little while ago from Plus Model, but this is the original from Lead Sled. I think you can still get em


Note the number plate, and ref the piccie at the top. A nice touch


Its unassembled at the minute, but these lads


are as rare as rocking horse shit


I tracked down the boxhead that did the original castings and he had one set left in his loft in the fatherland which he very kindly parted with. I should bang out resin casts really. I think there is one of the group missing from what he said.

Anyway - one day...... I will put it together


To make proper scale logs for dioramas, first you need to build one of these :)



I believe I have the parts to make that in the attic somewhere. Choice of drive, either electric or steam.
Well, it might surprise you to know, but I've got the full article in PDF format on my PC... so if you ever fancy building it :)
Hi chaps

For those who are interested in the WW2 artillery there are a 5.5" and 25 pdr on disply outside Shrewsbury Castle museum. If you want any extra reference material on either of these I can take photos - just let me know what you require. I don't live too far from the castle and can easily pop down there with my camera.



This is the sort of thing I find excessive:

Now it is an RC tank and not a show model, but the application of rust has, to my eye, gone over the top. I know it is showing a T-34/85 in German markings and so is one that has been 'repurposed', but this must have accumulated in two years or less. It looks more like a scrap-heap renovation than a fighting tank.
Would that be mud ratherb than rust?
That's very kind of you.

SE5a rigging wire particularly how it connects to the wings and body. The same for the control wires.

Thanks very much.
As the SE5A is one of my all time faves it will be my pleasure.
I promised @Northern_Biff a few shots of the other Mat, which is work in progress. I was never 100% happy with the figures

View attachment 377117
View attachment 377118
View attachment 377119
View attachment 377120
View attachment 377121
Its based on the famous IWM shot of the Mat and gun in North Africa.

The BL5.5 is from InAccurate Armour, and its exactly that - inaccurate and shite to put together
I read your thread on another site, bloody brilliant. did you finish the base?


As the SE5A is one of my all time faves it will be my pleasure.
@daz posted some excellent photos in the SE5a reference unfortunately it's the parts he doesn't show and which most photos I have seen also don't are the tail underside and the tops of the wing (difficult to get to). If you get caught climbing over the aircraft I will deny all knowledge and addit nothing.


It's views like this you don't often see and although the guid marks for the holes are they are very difficult to see.


Agreed, I thought the track sag is what made it for me. The finish was superb, but how many times do you see tracks with no sag at all.
There's one on my bench now with no track sag at all. Tamiya's instructions say bend tracks to introduce sag. Right. Tried that with a little heat, not a chance or at least not without either breaking them or overheating and ending with plastic mulch. Pity really as they went to the effort of providing part of it in links but not the parts that actually mattered.

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