Military Modelling

The DVlll , the high wing monoplane, now there's an option, only one wing to worry about. :mrgreen:
I always preferred the French effort to the German.


Morane-Saulnier AI

Or if you want something a little more sturdy than a 'parasol' for WWI fighters:


Bristol M1c

Junkers D.I
1/4 scale, its built but not flown. Looks too good to re-kit! Ares do a great little Fokker(!) though.


Think I might do a review on the RC thread.
I think you'll find the sponsons have been removed. Given the lack of unhitching rails, I suspect the photo is mislabelled, and rather than a Mk.V, it's more likely an old Mk.I or Mk.II that's been 're-roled'.
From the Mark IV onwards the sponsons could be slid inwards for rail travel. Also, the photograph is captioned that they're in Germany, I don't think any Mark Is made it that far ;)

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