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Military Modelling

Anyone chasing up history of a kits production, list of AM stuff for said kit plus some useful research links could do well to have a look at Scalemates.com
I've used it a few times to track stuff down to see who does what for what kit. A quick search on Ebay & amazon etc & i'm sorted. Found it very useful especially for some older kits still knocking about.
Use that site quite often, its very handy for kits instruction in PDF format
I made a U boat in PE once, might have been the same company, and yes I am, very tempted. But not until after D Day next summer.
You'll need to skin it if you do :)
I'm getting the big updates in the dauntless WIP thread now, but just in case you cant hold yourself back...........


started to apply the oil based weathering
Just watched Spitfire on Sky. Stunning. Did I mention I'd picked up one of these?

I wonder if we are missing out on a hints and tips sticky, Si showing how he did his superb tail hook colours on
his 1/32 SBD, one from daz of wiring and landing gear superdetailing from scratch, one from PFgen on the gunsights and coloured periscopes on his Bradley, and one from me about how to do small scale health and safety signs and hazard warnings (just about to do these on my 1/144 scale SR.N4) maybe one on how to do 1/35th scale firearms colours, from Brewmeister. we could keep the chatter out of it, and just have it as something you can pop into for tips.
Must admit, these airbrushed decals you fellas are doing are looking the dog's B's.
That looks good. Its time we had a few more Spits to go up against all these 109s that keep appearing.
It’s a nice kit. A lot of resin and a bit of etch. No engine unlike the Tamiya spit. Pretty good reviews of it from what I’ve read
It’s fate I tell you


It’s calling me......

Just had two go over the house flying nice and low. Grabbed this shot with th bi-phone so it’s not too good unfortunately
the unmistakable sound you can't ignore
Sat in the kitchen watching shite when the mrs pipes up ‘is that a Wokka I can hear?’ So out we all go and she’s says ‘I’ve got one of those in the living room’ lucky girl
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