Military Modelling

managed to knock these hydraulics out - another 12 this size to do, then another 12 to do for the upper surfaces. This is taking bloody ages

Sadly the Legends show has had to bring in a lot of restrictions, partly thanks to that twat in the Hunter.
I was dissapointed just how far away from the crowdline the display line now is. The Spitfire tailchase was pretty bland this year.

There were a couple of wow moments though, the Battle of Britain film re-enactment was very good and the speed that the Silver Sea Fury arrived to display was OMFG!
He gave everyone a thorough understanding of what ‘Full Chat’ means.
always remember ole Sir Lawrence Olivier playing Stuffy..

"we'll see what Leigh Mallorie's big wings are made of, turning on London..could be..(pause for effect) Germany's biggest Blunder"

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