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When I moved out at 20, 300+ kits, mostly badly made, were put into my parent's loft where they remained until my mum carked in 2007. A good number still had their bomb load.
Their final flight was to the local tip.
I remember making a similar discovery. My parents had put my efforts in the loft probably with thoughts of he'll want these when he comes back home. They didn't contain any fireworks but a couple of ships still hid an illicit stash of top shelf photography. I left them in the loft for the new owners. I couldn't bring myself to chuck them in a skip; too many memories.
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As my ‘personal circumstances’ have changed as they say, I am currently dislocated from my stash etc....

However, a straightened and Spartan lifestyle led me to consider :oops: making an aircraft kit.......

I picked up a new tool Airfix Zero in a charidee shop which I intend to build and finish sans the benefit of a paint store bigger than Dulux etc etc.

I thought when I bought it that the kit was the 1960 version so pleasantly surprised to see a new tool that’s very nice (and simple). Never built a Japanese aircraft, ever but always loved their crappy bare metal and IJN Green finishes (unavailable for the Zero :rolleyes:) .

So currently doing 5 minutes at a time when able.....
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Slowly slowly catchee etc etc.....
Without having to go back through 50 pages, could someone clarify the WW1 group build? I may join in that one.
Good question! November 2018 to November 2118 possibly? Can someone without Alzheimer's answer?
Without having to go back through 50 pages, could someone clarify the WW1 group build? I may join in that one.
Tiger Stacker, more cunning than a Fox...... he said it perfectly, 1st November, the 1918-2018 WW1 GB, anything that's proper WW1, so no Wonder Woman, what if, Sci Fi, we are in effect showing due deference to the date. All Arrsers welcome to have a crack.
Absolutely now rush Bubs, you've got until the outbreak of the WW1 Gb in November, more than enough time to build a model of every plane that took part in the attack on Pearl Harbour. Those New Tool Airfix are the business arn't they.
One plane in my case ;)
Cockpit on Corsair not yet finished owing to a cock up with the rudder pedals. Cock up became a right balls up before order was restored but it has put a delay on things. Decided to put that to one side and see what else I could tackle. Finished the assembly for the tail wheel well and it fits perfectly. Just need to paint a few of the joints in the elevator rods.

View attachment 339676

Was so taken away by the purest blue that I overcooked the air brushing a bit. Forgot that the Vallejo coverage was a bit more rapid than the Ammo-Mig stuff. Decided to leave it for a night and see if it will sort itself out otherwise I'll be trying the Dettol dip. Not even sure if there's any in the house. Might have to be Toilet Duck from the cocktail cabinet. The assembly for the wheel well looked a bit ropey when I was putting it together but it fits the fuselage perfectly, sans fettling. Which is just as well as I'll need my fettling time for the seat harness.

Here's the runners in the harness stakes. On the left, the brass substitutes looking very harness like but rather two dimensional and on the right, the cloth version which needs held down to stop it jumping away of its own accord.

View attachment 339677

Cloth version has no detail at all. I tried adding some on a gash piece but both ink and paint just spread out and left a smudge. The left hand side may yet win the day but not before I've spent a few hours swearing at the cloth version.

The other bit is the pilot's map case. Almost forgot to add that as I'd binned the original and cut off the pins to hold it in place.
Reminder, must dig out the wiring diagram for that section :)

I'd go for the etched part myself BTW

Edit @PFGEN This any help?
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the crew were ancient characters for another war, or rather another planet.

overall I'm quite pleased with how this ancient kit turned out, with a little help from our friend Ed and the spares box.
They do ground ops as well


Cracking build BTW
Thanks, as George Formby would have said "turned out nice again"

I should be tucking into a box of Tamiya Zero right now, but the postman delivered this first, November's Group Build subject, or rather one of several WW1 subjects I'll be tackling. So, time to work on the SBD display base and to get that glass ordered.
I've got one of these in a profile pak edition


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