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Looks like a decent match and the Air Color stuff is easy to work with. Found a source for it as well as its not in the normal range that most of the shops carry. Its probably a two bottle project and I'm not buying two sets for the one bottle I need. Seems a little darker than the colour on some of the Corsairs flying around these days but a gloss coat should lighten it a bit. I want a museum finish at the end of the day rather than a currently on ops finish.
there you go, I thought you could buy the bottles individually
Vallejo Model Air: Glossy Sea Blue - Acrylic Paint Bottle 17ml VAL71.300 | eBay
I had a go at cloth seatbelts as well; load of tosh. I'm going back to metal and bits of wine bottle tops.

BFO magnifier and a Leica inspection microscope are great aids for the blind. I'm still trying to find out when it was that my eyesight decided to wake up one morning and bugger off. Did we have a disagreement or something? One day, able to count the hairs on small insects at 100 paces, next day taping around with a stick like Blind Pew. House now full of cheapo reading specs of varying strengths.
Sounds about right...... first time I shot at Bisley in my old age I found myself asking ‘who is this blind cnut holding this gun?’....... it was me
Last night, created the world's smallest brass tiddleywink. Four little disks of around a 1mm in diameter glued on top of each other. Looked good, thought I'd press just one last time with the point of the tweezers and by 'eck it left the bench at a rate of knots. I doubt if the carpet monster even felt it land. Should have used a piece of stretched sprue from the go get.
Two things:


These are utter twats to do, and


What can you say to that?
There’s one for 116 sheets on waltbay and people are still bidding!,,

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