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Is there a decal solvent that will prevent decal crumble ? I have a couple of kits in the stash that would do well in the Pacific thread, but they are both about 30 years old, with decals to match.
I paint Old decals with "Microscale liquid decal film" you then have to trim each decal. IF they decals are yellowed with age Tape the sheet to a window facing the sun and let the sun bleach out the yellow BEFORE the microscale is used.

Heres a video of how to
Excellent. Many thanks.

I knew about the window trick and was intending to use it, it was the decal film that I needed to know (and now get).

I have two contenders for the group build. When I opened one of them on Wednesday, I found that there were about 30 parts to the kit itself, but also with 4 sheets of Eduard and Airwaves etched and a sheet of well-aged Aeromaster decals. Clearly a well-intended long term project that I had forgotten about.
Ok so peobavaly mine. So 4 maybe 5 months.

So here’s a weird one. I just went to get that TUM from her coffee table which is where I left it last night, next to an iPad cover.

I pick up said iPad cover

View attachment 335795
And it’s absolutely drench in water. I mean swimming. It’s soaking. Everything else on the table is bone dry, apart an a4 sheet of paper from her lads maths revision - a single sheet, which is half wet. When I picked up that iPad cover last night it was bone dry and had a iPad in it. No water on the table and the door to the room was closed. Whilst it’s near a door, I though ‘ok so it rained a lot last night’ - floor bone dry and no sign of any leaks.

Something fishy going on there. It’s an old house. The model is fine though
Someone used it as a teatowel ??
Today we've mainly been looking at big bangy things
It’s supposed to be a lovely kit - one of the best they’ve turned out according to the reviews of it. To be honest I just want to get it finished to get me back into it - I’ve done nowt for two years.

Anyway. A bit of detol and Halfords finest.

View attachment 335666

bit of filling - assuming the filler hasn’t gone off....
Where the VOR chalked across the door ? And it needs a big black puddle of oil underneath it.
Where the VOR chalked across the door ? And it needs a big black puddle of oil underneath it.
Don't forget the dent in the bonnet where someone stood on top of it...
WW1 rail gun at Ft Nelson Portsmouth, recognise it anywhere, Nice place to take the tribe, Royal armouries, so it's free so doesn't break the bank taking the kiddies somewhere interesting in rip off Britain, for a change
Stuff the kids, they're over 21 so they can stay at home ☺
BTW, anyone going to Fort Nelson in the next couple of weeks, they have the poppy wave there

Corsair extras for the build off.


Spent a bit more than intended when I added the resin wheels and the engine cowl. Went for Big Eddie's set for the PE as buying couple of sets of PE apart would have cost more than a bundled set. The Barracuda decal set came from the States (swift service). Thought the set would have been larger when I ordered it but they're good looking decals.


The main event is quite an impressive box of goodies. Quite a sizeable interaction manual and a book about the Corsair in general, PE for the seat harness, plastic vinyl wheels and a large picture for the paint job. The vinyl wheels are a bit shit with a massive seam line running round them. I'm going for the version with the yellow cowl shown in the picture (the obverse has the second option with a coupe of bands around the fuselage).

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