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Military Modelling

It's just about visible on a 32-inch monitor :)
I'm very interested in that kit. The first tank down the ramp in GW1, A great moment, as the worlds press were anticipating something modern and hi tech. It was like the old British Army sticking two fingers up at the push button world.

Its a very nice kit. Worth the beer tokens

As an aside... my first job after leaving school was as an apprentice in a piano factory (John Broadwood & Sons Ltd).

I learned to make the soundboards and bridges, cabinet making to fit the keyboard cover and lids, and also worked in the polishing shop French Polishing and doing the spray lacquer finishes.

I did a day release course at the London College of Furniture and still have my City & Guilds certificate in "Stringed Instrument Manufacture"... :)

IIRC one of the baby grand pianos I worked on went to Buckingham palace...
More on the Polikarpov . Started the painting. The green isn't quite the right shade, but it's all I've got. The blue, surprisingly is correct as far as I can tell.
Fullscreen capture 23012021 144259.bmp.jpg
I promise to start a build thread with my next kit, but until then I'll continue to bore you all with highlights (for me) of my return to the dark side. First ever sight of, let alone attempt at bending, photoetch. Really, really chuffed, but I expect that to change first time I #### it up.
Anyone got an idea what make of truck. Be an interesting diorama the one on the left is a maintenance truck.View attachment 542327

Apparently they spent their existence bashing the pandis on the NW Frontier, using Crossley Armoured Cars. Formed 1921; disbanded between 1936-38.

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Don't know if anyone has mentioned these before, but this site is well worth a look. You just click on the country of your choice, and up will pop details of the camouflage used by that country. Unfortunately it only deals with recent camo, but it's still useful.

Apparently they spent their existence bashing the pandis on the NW Frontier, using Crossley Armoured Cars.. Formed 1921; disbanded between 1936-38.

Mr Liardet just missed the great man, Percy Hobart who was CO of the 2nd Battalion from around 1930 to 32.



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