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That looks like the bastard lovechild of an ME109 and Seahawk
Maybe that's why it failed, mind you, the 309 was just as bad looks wise

You've got more patience than me, the thoughts of doing that rigging fills me with horror, so have a well done
Like making any model (not that I've done many) I just do one piece at a time. I really doubted that I could do the rigging before I started , but I just concentrate on one line at a time, get it right (or nearly right :rolleyes:) then look at the next one. It's taking ages ,but time isn't something I'm short of at the moment.


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Thanks , very kind of you, but I've made so many mistakes building this. I managed to recover from most of them and hide the rest to some extent. Should I ever be misguided enough to try another one I think it'll look a lot better.
I would be more than happy with that mate, it looks great.
More progress to report, I might even actually get it finished
Fullscreen capture 29052020 173457.bmp.jpg

Still to do: Last bit of the bowsprit rigging , anchors courses and carronades.
Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow......just ignore the quick, quick

2 1/2 later masking the canopy, breaking the front undercarriage, oops, time for a test sit with the prop blutacted on, thankfully, it's just avoided being a tail sitter - just needs all the upper sections masked off, bugger
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.....and you laughed at the Starfix Spitfire :)




.....and you laughed at the Starfix Spitfire :)
Well, for a tenner, mine looks more like a Spitfire than the Starfix kit :)


I suspect that this is going to be a bugger to remask


That's the base done! Bit of mud on the tanks and it's finished.

Somewhere where the other half is banned from dusting........something like a Grand Piano perhaps :)
You haven't seen this place , It's already full of bookcases, guitars and a huge amount of assorted junk from time spent in sandy places. I really should have thought about this before I started.:(
Finished! A lot quicker than I expected too. For a kit that's nearly forty years old it's stood the test of time and turned out pretty decent.


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Splinter cam on something so late war? Just sayin'.
ME 509, Late war prototype/Whiff, the splinter cams is bad enough, but there's also the mottling to do on it
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