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So how many of us do?

I don't mean the efforts hanging from the ceiling in your youth, but do you build scale models now?

What subjects do you build on? Do you create dioramas or single models? Do you build basic models to enchance AFV lessons? Do you build seriously detailed models, or are you a box collector who "Will get round to it one day" Do you stick to a certain period, or do you build everything from Airfix to sci-fi Fantasy?

Do you have a favourite manufacturer? Hasegawa, Tamiya, Airfix, Revell etc , or are you a scratch builder?

Do you have any photos you want to post?

Just asking, in case it's one of those subjects missing from Arrse, that might be developed on.

Personally speaking, I concentrate on the Battle of Britain (Spitfire junkie), and am planning on getting the Accurate Armour detail additions
to an Academy 1/35th scale Warrior I mean to get round to building , to represent one of the 1 Fusiliers BG Warriors on Telic :wink:

How many of you wargame with minatures or on the computer etc?

So, any other scalers out there?
Must confess to being a bit of a model maker in my youth but my old man is currently making a scale model of a 1893 .6inch Gatling gun, making all the parts from scratch, even the rifled barrels

The wooden trailer has been scrapped in favour of the Royal Navy mount, later adotped by us, with a lantern magazine

Im currently talking him into making it a .22 rimfire and sticking it on the bonnet of the motor

Nice one by your old man MDN

What materials is he using? Is he working off plans of some sort? Does he have any work in progress pics etc?

lol@.22 rimfire . Mind you, didn't they load off extended clips? Best get yerself a ragtop then :)
The lantern mag scales down nicely to 22rimfire.

The drawings are direct from a copy kept in the pattern room, amazing what a grovelling letter and a first class stamp can get you.

We were originally going to use old fairground air rifle barrels, then my old man got one on him say, things like worth doing properly etc.

Will grab some photos tomorrow, its a cracking model and sould be finished in a month or two, only taken two years and four dozens lost tempers and tantrums.

He has recently retired from BAe so there was no shortage of available materials
MDN , did you have a chance to get some photos? Be fascinating to see the work in progress.

Also, is it a fully working model? As in, crank the handle and the barrels turn etc?


Still building...

I do everything from 1/72 to 90mm Napoleonic figures, plus 1/35 armour ("modern" Russian and UK stuff [Accurate Armour is great for conversions]). I also do 1/72 and 1/48 Luftwaffe fighters - 109's and 190's mostly, however have branched off to 1/48 WW2 and modern Russian and Polish fighters. All with aftermarket resin and etch sets.

The big projects on the go now are a Tamiya T-55 with a CMK resin/photoetch/aluminium T-55AM2-B coversion that will either be a DDR or Czech machine when done AND I've got a SKIF T-64BV that I'm extensively detailing with the help of individual links and a fantastic Eduard etched detail set. Plus there's the JNBC Regt Fuchs, the CR2's (yes, I'm doing several), the D-30M Russian arty piece, and...

Me? Too much time on my hands?... Sad, I know - but idle hands do the devils work, apparently....
Horse Guard

Any photos?

Always had a hankering to build a large scale PZL-11c , especially after some friends of mine in Poland, started building a replica PZL-11c (Full scale) for fun, then halfway through the build thought "Hey, what the hell, let's build a flyable one" lol Not sure where the build is at the moment, but will ask for some piccies.

Is there a large scale PZL-11 kit out there? (1/48/1/24/1/12) Don't fancy scratch building one, as my skills aren't quite THAT good.

Quite liked the Historex stuff , an ex-girlfriend of mine used to enjoy painting the figurines , she was bloody good too. She wanted to do the Duchess of Richmond's ball as a diorama , but I diddn't fancy all the work involved!


A couple figure pics somewhere - how do I post them on here?

There are a couple PZL-11's out there in 1/72 scale - but from Polish and eastern european manufacturers, so they are of poor quality. However, I seem to remember seeing something about one in 1/48 - but I may be wrong. Try and search through the review section - or post on the discussion group - the plane builders on there certainly know their stuff and should be able to help.

Or you could do product searches on and - they should definately have something you'd like![/img]
Cheers for that HG

I see Airfix have actually re-released the Buffalo Landing craft in 1/72/76 scale.

That was the first model I ever built back in 19-dot . Cheap Bastiges, they haven't even retooled as far as i can see.

I know Hyperscale well, very very recommended!

Will look out for kits of the PZL, or might take my heartt in my hands , and build one in big scale.

As regards pics, submit them to the main arrse gallery, I'll try and get another category created.

Failing that, post them on , with a link back here?

Thanks HG



War Hero
The accurate armour warrior is quiet a challenge to build - have done it myself and am going to buy a 2nd one as i'm not too happy with the results.

I would recommend that you try the one from Academy first (it's a plastic kit) - - though i'm sure Hannants will have one - Dragon now also do 1/35 figures from op granby - quite good they are too.

Some good British army figure manufacturers are:

Sarum Soldiers -

Firing Line -

Stadden Figures - (they do kits of the figures)

Imperial Gallery -

The Fusilier's -

AB Figures (25mm) -

Clydecast Productions - 0141 638 1904 (75 - 90mm model figures)

Other good sources for figures are:

VLS Corporation -

Red lancers -

Historex agents -

Hannants -

Squadron -

Cromwell Models -

Accurate Armour -

Andrea miniatures -

Detail kits:

Ultracast -

Verlinden -

2nd hand / discontinued kits:

King kit -

Model for sale -


As for links:

British Model Soldier society -

Perth Military Modelling Society -
Fantastic resource...

Magazines -

Figure International -

Military Modelling -

Both have great forums where you can post questions and do get back good info and help / tips....
Some excellent links in there L_G , thanks for that!

So come on people, do you have any photos of your builds? What are you working on at the moment?


War Hero
Will try and take some this week - though most of my figures are up north...

Currently working on a NI street scene (Bloke being put in a l/r ambulance with protective screen around it...not sure how it will turn out!), an Aussie digger from WWII, a commision for an RMP land rover + figure from the 1980's (54mm), a 200mm fig of 101st trooper from D-Day and a couple of Scottish figures across a range of periods.

Am gathering bits and bobs for a TELIC diorama - but will probably not start on that till later in the year ... oh a bits and pieces for a falklands vingette...


Cor! just found this thread...

54mm/80mm post 1660 brit stuff mostly.

28mm Napoleonics "general de brigade" plus 7 Years War "Age of reason"...

Very, very, slow worker :D

Right I'll fetch my Anorak as i've just bid for 1975/6 "Military Modelling" Mags on ebay :)


Book Reviewer
Do you build scale models now?
No. Started aged about 11 with an Airfix Spitfire, Bf109, Mosquito and Bf110 for my first four iirc. Built most of the 1/72 aircraft collection very quickly. Me mum was training to be a teacher. Durham Wargames Group did an evening wargame series to explain Military History to them. After the first (Stone Age and Romans) she thought the (by then) 13-year-old me might be interested. Learnt about Napoleonic wars. Didn't really float my boat. The third one was Second World War. They let me command the only Tiger 1 on the battlefield. Built a career in the RAC around that one night. ... Posted to Command Troop. RSM volunteered me to help him build a diorama for TEWTs. I and me mucker realised we could moonlight and use the diorama for wargaming. Moved my entire 1/76 collection into the Education Centre. ... Couple of months later I unlocked the door and found some twaaat had trashed the lot. I gave up. Rattled off literally one or two pieces in 1/35 over the next couple of years. Married. Left army. Never went back (but when me mum died I did manage to collect some odds and ends from her house, including some unbuilt kits, but they remain unbuilt in my wardrobe. Listened to Captain Lockheed and have vowed ever since to build an F104G but have never got round to it.

What subjects do you build on? Do you create dioramas or single models? Do you build basic models to enchance AFV lessons? Do you build seriously detailed models, or are you a box collector who "Will get round to it one day" Do you stick to a certain period, or do you build everything from Airfix to sci-fi Fantasy?
See above.

Do you have a favourite manufacturer? Hasegawa, Tamiya, Airfix, Revell etc , or are you a scratch builder?
In my day it was almost exclusively Airfix for 1/76 and Tamiya for 1/35. Some impressive scratch builds / major conversions: the one that sticks in my mind from (iirc) Airfix Magazine was an M18 Hellcat from a Leopard 1. Got into metal soldiers in 1/76 and I also remember owning a metal 88mm PaK. I think there may also have been a 17pdr from the same series.

Do you have any photos you want to post?

Matchbox got into it. I remember they did a rather nice Firefly which came with a ruined half bridge arch to display it on. After building a couple of Fireflies I always planned to put the two half-bridges together to make a whole, then a third half bridge could be used to replace it after the bridge had been blown. Never got around to the last bit.


Though its many years since I built models I used to love 1/35 scale armoured vehicles and 1/48 scale aircraft.Most of the tanks were German or Russian .There was a distinct lack of the more sexy British and American types like Fireflys,Comets,Jumbos and Pershings which I am told is no longer the case .Also remember a revell 1/48 F 14 of the famed Jolly Rogers whcih I was very proud of and an F6 Hellcat with microscale decals of US navy ace David McCambell which my mum spilt tea all over .God does time fly.

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