Military Merchandising

Todays Daily Telegraph has an article announcing that the Met Police are going to start selling their own range of merchandising to the general public, tourists etc.

Maybe the Army could do something similar? okay, we've already got the tried and tested "Be The Best" t-shirts that recruiting teams dish out, but how about something more original, like t-shirts stating "I serve the prince of darkness" underneath a picture of General Jackson - that might sell....

Suggestions please! The more bizarre or outrageous the better.
Tee shirt bearing crossed hammer and condom, above, the Crown.
Inscription below to read;- " R.E.M.E., If you can't fix it, Fcuk it ! "


War Hero
For the para recruiting team:

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
ARMY... Kill them all! :twisted:
sort of like starbucks but you only get scalding hot tea and no comfy sofas:)
royal marines range of basques
hereford gunclub creative writing course

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