Military Memorials

I know I haven't put this in the right place but couldn't find the right forum although you all still may be able to help.
Is there a Military Memorial garden for soldiers who have died in service but not whilst in operations??
I have very recently lost my Dad. His wish was to have a stone at the Military Cemetary but he obviously didn't realise that in order to do this his ashes would need to be buried there. This is a problem because his other wish was to have his ashes kept until my mums time comes and they get put together. So, because the arboretum is also a no because he didn't did on operations is there anywhere else?? Seems pretty sad that he did 24years service and there is no where I know of to have a plaque put up.
Any help is appreciated.
Try the National Arboretum:


To my eternal shame, I haven't yet visited it, but as I understand it, if you die 'in service' your name should go up somewhere here automatically. give 'em a call and see?

And, have a look at this:

Armed Forces Memorial
Thank you. I have contacted them and seems that if you die in service when not on ops or exercise you name simply goes on a roll online which they are hoping to have on manuscript and kept in Chelsea.
There doesn't seem to be a memorial as such.
If you can't, have you thought about getting his capbadge on the gravestone etc? Check with the British Legion, but I'm sure something can be done to remember his service publicly.


Contact your local council & ask if you can have a bench or similar put up in his memory (brass plaque on it) or get a tree planted with his name on it through your council or at the arboretum.

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