Military Memoirs since 1980

I am compiling a list of military memoirs from 1980 onwards, i.e. written by authors who served, or serving at some point of their careers from, 1980 onwards. This does NOT include journalists or collections or compilations of accounts, e.g. anthologies etc. I am including all services. I have about 113 so far, I will attempt to attach the list, I would be interested to know or any others not on the list - anyone got or read any others?



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That's a great list - thanks.

I looked through my shelves but the only others I have are accounts (written up by journos) of particular missions, so I can't strictly include them.

The Amazon wish list gets ever longer...
Thank, I have a few more on order and so will add them as they arrive, I figure there are still more out there that I am not aware of as every time I think I must be 'complete' I spot more. So if you spot more do let me know. Ta. Daysh

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