Military Medical Facility - what do we need

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Bedpan2zero, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. The thread on whether or not the NHS is good enough, seems to have sparked a fair amount of 'interest'.

    So, what do you think is the appropriate means for the AMS to deliver care to the forces at Role 4?
  2. maybe a case of keep it in the family?

    the nhs are shedding jobs the army need medical staff. why not use the opportunity to build a good in house system. just food for thought.
  3. There are a few questions to be answered here:

    1.What facility best prepares the AMS for providing acute surgical care on ops.
    2. What facility best serves the needs of an acutely wounded soldier returning home from operational duties.
    3.What other medical disciplines can this facility house to best treat serving soldiers requiring secondary care (inpatients and outpatients).
    4.What support can this facility offer the NHS?

    The emphasis must be on acute surgical care to train all our secondary care chaps for their war role. At the same time Headley Court must remain a centre of excellence and even be expanded.

    The capabilities of a stand alone facility are controversial as the surgical disciplines required for a major trauma centre could not be realistically manned by 100% military.

    A stand alone facility with (at a minimum):

    2.Gen surgery

    100% military nurses and ODPs. The hospital run by the military in a military way for the good of the military and the NHS. Any secondary care discipline who routinely deploys on ops with the AMS must be given a home in this facility.

    Please will someone expand on my ideas to include all the other essential disciplines that need to be housed in the new military hospital.

    More views please!
  4. good points trousers

    but dont forget that most personnel that go through a deployed mil hospital are non conlict in origin.

    you still get your sick, lame and lazy

    i saw at first hand on Telic 3 the problems of specialty care. Very few staff had any medical experience - it all seemed to be focused on trauma

    the 'generalist' trade within nursing must remain strong and true - and be adaptable to the needs of the current situation that they find themselves in.
  5. What we really need in this DMS super hospital are:

    1.A bar
    2.Fag machine
    3.Slot machine
    4.Toilet seat and funnel above said bar for drinking games!

    That should do it!

    If NAAFI did hospitals......................................they would probably be like this!
  6. Duke of Connaught Unit, anyone? it works and indeed still is.
    Wee man.
  7. So this is where the 'brainy' people hang out? Apologies for crashing the forum of medics, because I have zero medical knowledge to call upon. However, I was perusing this recently National Geographic - Military medicine from the frontlines to the homefront and wondered how the comparison works between, say, Walter Reed and RCDM Selly Oak, or the Defense and Veterans' Brain Injury Center and DSMRC Headley Court.
  8. Interestingly link! "But then, war medicine is not civilian medicine. It's dirtier, faster. The wounds are worse, the patients at greater risk."

    The blackhawk medevac helicopter sounds just the ticket!
  9. What do we need?

    a. More funding
    b. More military staff

    Without both of these there is not a chance that we could create and man a stand alone Military Hospital. The staff would be constantly required to go on ops and at the moment we have neither the cash nor the manning to fill their places.

    In an ideal world we could build a brand spanking new, purpose built hospital, almost entirely manned by the military. We could go back to developing world renowned military surgeons and world experts in the field of trauma, burns, tropical medicine, neuroscience etc. alongside the general medical and surgical teams. Civilians would be clammering to be treated at this Centre of Excellence and would even pay for the privilege, thus helping us pay for the cost. When quiet we could charge the NHS (lower rates than the Private Sector currently charges) to treat their patients, again bringing in funds and helping out the NHS.

    Military staff would all know each other. There would be a return of the military ethos that has been lost in scattering staff across hospitals, many of whom are unidentifiable from their civilian counterparts.


    a. We would never get the money for the build.
    b. We would nevr given the extra manning required.
    c. Military ethos does not count in the Civil Service.

    So in the meantime we are left to adapt and overcome thesystem we are left with.

    <Jumps off soapbox>

  10. when the proposals for the new RCDM where circulated many many years ago, Newcastle was going to give over a self contained rehab hospital in its entirety.

    thats where the system has erred - and hopefully if the new build RCDM goes through - then normal service will be returned (eventually)
  11. You are right Jezebel, they just don't get it!
    Most civvy NHS workers in secondary care hate their jobs and they hate us for the pride we take in our work!
  12. In your "ideal world", is not what we had in the 70s, 80s and 90s with the QEMH, CMH and DKMH, all of which worked very well, treating soldiers, civilians and providing specialist treatment.

    BUT guess what, our leaders in Whitehall sold that all out.

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