Military Medal

Friend of mine is trying to track down what his Great Grandad did to earn the MM during the Great War (presuming he isn't a walt of course)

Is there an online reference or does he need to speak to MoD ???

I'm trying to do the same...

The problem is that although the medal will be 'gazetted', it is only the fact of the award, not the cause for it. If there is a regimental museum they may be able to help, as battalion diaries etc. are often kept, also a lot of regiments had their history written up in the '20s, usually by a former CO, who naturally would have been somewhat marked by the Great War and want to get it off his chest.

I know that my own relative got the MM towards the end of the War, during the final advance to victory on the Western front. Family legend has it that he took a German machine gun position single handed, bayonetting 2 and then holding his prisoners with a Verey pistol. I have not been able to authenticate,(and I don't recall seeing a bayonet attachment for a Verey.....)

Another source, which I've not yet tried, is local papers. Find out where the man was recruited/lived, get hold of the title of the then-local rag, go to the main library for the area. Most will have micro fiche copies of the papers going back to the year dot, or even bound copies. You may find the tale of heroism in there, try looking about the time of the 'Gazetting' first, then work back to the date of the action involved - remember news was at least a week behind the event back then.

the MoD will try to help, but you basically just get the records of service, dates of medals/promotions etc, and a lot of records were lost in the Blitz.

good luck.
I have access to a couple of hundred battalion, regimental and divisional histories from WW1 so if anyone wants me to look for anything in particular feel free to pm the details and I'll get someone to have a look.
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