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Sorry if this has already been posted, i did look!

Wondered if there was somewhere I could find a list of all military medal winners as far back as Paschendale and The Somme. Also wondered if anyone had any advice on where to start when trying to find out more about a specific person.

Thanks in advance ;)
If you have the persons details ie: name, number,rank etc, try looking them up in the London Gazette. If you know which Regiment or Corps they served in, try their Regimental HQ.

A list of all MM recipients will be quite lengthy I would imagine but if it is just an individual or a particular Regiment or Corps you are interested in, the search will obviously be easier.

Good luck and if I can be of any further help, just get in touch.

This may be of some interest to you:-

Military Medal

The Military Medal was established in wartime Britain by King George V on 25 March 1916, a year and a half after Britain declared war against Germany. Its inception was intended to meet the enormous demand for medals during the First World War

The medal was initially awarded to NCOs and men of the Army (including the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Division) for individual or associated acts of bravery which were insufficient to merit an award of the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

The medal was not however restricted to British or Commonwealth subjects. Awards of the medal were announced in the London Gazette (without an accompanying citation). Recipients of the medal, which was silver and circular of 36mm in diameter and which featured the head of the monarch on the front, were allowed to list the letters 'MM' after their name. The number of Military Medals awarded were: Military Medals

Military Medal + 1 Bar

Military Medal + 2 Bars

Military Medal + 3 Bars

Good luck on your search!
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