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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Just noticed this in the Sunday paper - a news in brief of "military matters" believe it or not.

    Is this new? I'd not seen it before... Seems like a bit of a return to the days when the papers ran the results of naval gunnery competitions (only more interesting)
  2. Edited for being too slow :oops:
  3. Snap
  4. Thanks Crabby. No, I've not seen this before either. Nice to see that somebody outside the military thinks it does matter.
  5. Interesting that it's filed under the lifestyle tab.

    Perhaps the authors will start giving fashion and cooking tips for the man and woman in the field.

    Hardly any penetrating analysis, or perhaps they just cadged it from Soldier magazine, navy news etc
  6. It's filed under Court and Social. I suspect this is a resurrection of something that used to happen, but possibly not since the early Seventies? Perhaps older Tines readers can confirm?
  7. The Times has always been good at reporting military matters and in a straight down the line sort of way. These appear snipets of information that would not justify a column and heading, but are of interest to those who have an interest in the forces.
  8. Just looked through my copy of the times from yesterday, and in the paper version of the Saturday Times, the military matters section is in the register, just after the obits. Also it leads with a bigger story about the RN, which it doesn't show on-line.
  9. The RN story is online - just seperate. Assuming this is the one: RN helps train Iraqi sailors ?
  10. Thats the one. The picture is smaller though. You just can't make out as well the black sailor up front, wearing shades and what looks like a bandana, manning the gimpy.
  11. I just noticed this, anything that gives more news on the military and raises awareness is a positive step in my opinion. Well done the Times!