military march for the Army



"Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines" should go down well for the RAF, failing that, try "The Thin Blue Line" aka Monty Python's theme tune.

Or just accept the general concensus that the RAF can't march.
If you want a stirring march that is Corps/Regiment neutral, you could do a lot worse
than 'Soldiers of the Queen'

Should be straightforward to get the arrangement and it must be on loads of military music/Army bands CDs


It's the soldiers of the Queen, my lads
Who've been, my lads, who've seen, my lads
In the fight for England's glory lads
When we've had to show them what we mean:
And when we say we've always won
And when they ask us how it's done
We'll proudly point to every one
Of England's soldiers of the Queen.
Soldiers of the Queen, surely?

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