Military magazines (the printed, periodical type)

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by jaegerkommando, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Just curious what people think of the various magazines on the market - such as Combat & Survival, Military Illustrated, RAIDS, Kommando or Raider?

    I buy C&S fairly often (as in whenever I see something interesting in it), but I'm not really interested in 99% of the "survival" type content.

    Military Illustrated is pretty good if you want a really serious history mag.

    Kommando looks good - but its 90-95% in German (they are supposedly bringing out a full English edition later this year).

    RAIDS is usually quite interesting - but its very hard to get and its 100% in French.

    Raider looked rather promising, but in fact its a bunch of fluff written by airsofters. Well, I say "written by" I should say copy-and-pasted by:

    RAIDER, issue 1, May 08: article entitled "16 Air Assault Brigade: The Pathfinder Platoon" copied from

    RAIDER, issue 2, June 08: article entitled "The US Army's Combat Uniform" copied text and photos from and

    RAIDER, issue 2, June 08: article entitled "August Westland EH101" copied from

    Plus the RAIDER articles about MARPAT, CADPAT, ACU, M4 SOPMOD, etc. all copied from Wikipedia - but attributed to one of the staff writers.

    Probably many more as well, but I didn't waste any more of my money buying any issues after number 3.