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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Robo-Syd, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    Whilst I did serve 21 years in RAOC, I never got involved in any of the 'big' Logistics challenges like the Falklands, Iraq, Afganistan etc. Too busy keeping the homefires burning in 'REMF Ville' ! Also left RAOC in 93, so I'm a bit out of touch. (Yes I know it was RLC by then, but I didn't join the RLC! Hurrumph...)

    I have a need for a well written article on Military Logistics, to be provided to some students of Logistics (Civvies) as some relief from the normal topics they read about.

    The piece needs to touch on some of the more strategic Logistics challenges faced, as well as some of the real practical difficulties 'in country'. About 2,000 - 3,000 words. Obviously needs to respect security and confidentialty issues.

    Personal involvement in planning / executing Logistics operations in one of those conflicts is really a pre requisite, as is a good working knowledge of what went on end to end.

    If you are interested, please PM me.

    Yes. this IS paid work. Not a fortune, but will certainly pay for a night out hopefully! And no I won't be putting my name on it :) It will be yours or a pen name if you prefer.

    We'll use a third party 'freelance contracting' website to set up the work and handle payments. Keeps everything above board, and protects both parties commercially.
  2. I was the British Liaison Officer (Convoy Manager in realspeak working as a Contractor for KBR) in Camp Virginia, Kuwait in 2008 running Convoys up to Basra, Um Qasr and Safwan.

    Is that the sort of thing you are interested in??
  3. Certainly sounds interesting ACAB. But I was thinking more along the lines of.

    How to move x thousand tons of 'stuff' from A to B. Getting hold of ships, containers, trains .....
    STUFT. Great one this. Ships Taken Up From Trade.
    Geography, weather, political issues. Use of Allies.
    Trucks built for road use, being used in deserts.
    Finding kit in 10,000 containers at a port (an issue I recall, solved with a 3.5" floppy)

    Bigger picture stuff really I guess.

    Loved the book by the way. Great read!
  4. No probs Mate!
  5. I was led to believe that it was solved by someone opening 10,000 containers. He was armed with a stack of self-adhesive bar code labels and a bar code reader so that someone else wasn't faced with opening 10,000 containers.

    I was faced with opening a few hundred containers that had come from Kosovo and almost without exception, the contents didn't match the manifest.

    I didn't have a fancy title, nor was I RLC, but I ran the convoys from Kuwait to Shaiba and Basra Airport in 2003 - despite KBR sweet-talking the PARA escort into re-routing via Umm Qasr, delaying the arrival and unloading by 3-4 hours, resulting in the convoy returning during the dodgy hours of darkness - and the drivers getting bugger all sleep before the next day's journey. KBR weren't even supposed to be in the convoy.
  6. Indeed a challenge. Whilst I was certainly not there, I recall being told (and I think this was the 1st Gulf Dustup) that some bright spark suggested sticking a 3.5" floppy in a pocket on the door of the container, with a list of it's contents.
  7. Ah, I think you may be alluding to Phil Caplin (RIP) who was at the Navistar (?) Border Crossing. When I was convoy manager all vehicles came through me.
  8. I don't recall seeing any floppys and I doubt that they'd have survived 57 degrees and dust. I do recall opening a container that was supposed to be full of electrical kit for the Kudos units and finding that it had been filled with Kosovan bottled water. I never did find the container that was alleged to contain beer (intended for Turner's bar, only they didn't turn up). I can only presume that somebody else found it first.
  9. I can't remember the names. KBR used to have a twice-weekly R&R run to Kuwait but never bothered to arrange to join a convoy. Instead, they'd turn up at the border with their two vehicles, one for Basra, the other for Umm Qasr, and blag their way onto a convoy "Urgent meeting - only told about it last night, etc.", then tell the convoy commander that the convoy had to go via Umm Qasr to drop off one of the vehicles. It didn't matter to them that the Basra vehicles only had a two hour window to unload before turning round.
  10. You want logistic stories, contact the MoD press office, ask for information regarding the operation to smuggle a turbine into Afghanistan and the 100 miles or so into deep Afgahnistan up to the kijaki Dam. This was so that hydro electric power could be used in Afgahnistan. The exercise in the UK practicing for it, the move into country, and the subsequent movement of a oversize load across country without the Taliban knowing about it was one of the most risky logistic operations ever carried out, and in secret.

    Guys need praise on that one, and its a good story,

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  11. Indeed sounds like an awesome story. But I need someone to write the story. I don't have the time. Another long story...
  12. I would love to write it, however wasnt on that job, MoD can help they will just send the press release copy and paste or google it,

  13. Its just a shame the bloody thing wasnt put into use for ages after. Im sure someone will confirm but i dont think it is now!
  14. According to Telegraph article online, it's still sitting there....
  15. Mug! :)

    1. I have a copy of Julian Thompsons "Lifeblood of War" you can have if you want it. Lots of Loggie case studies in there. Free if you pick it up from Sydney CBD.

    2. I did a number of RAAOC courses and have the logistics course paperwork. Again free if you want it all.

    3. I have COL Bob Breens "Compendium of Operational Lessons from Africa and the Arch of Instability 1987-2000 Vol 1- 5, including Volume 5 which is the Logistics case studies. Some of which scare the living daylights out of me. Again, pick it up if you want it. One of his case studies might be perfect for you.

    4. there is probably a shedload of stuff in the bags in the garage. i looking at moving, so its destined for the bin.

    5. I have this Japanese wife, again free if you.....

    Seriously, if you want it,its yours. PM me.