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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by blueface, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody know any decent military lawyers who deal with military law and order /AWOL/;.. pm or display them on here thanx much appreciated.
  2. going to ask this in every forum?
  3. Does this mean that you are going to finally face the music and take your rear end to your nearest Guardroom?
  4. yes dont mean to be a {peck head }

    Ive been told to get a decent lawyer then go throught with it ./
  5. this being RHQ (personnal, pay and discipline) where else do you suggest he ask ?
  6. I saw the avatar and thought MDN had got himself into some sh1t!

    Every bugger uses Gilbert Blades, he specialises in military law and is renowned for being a pain in the arrse when it comes to legal procedure (something we haven't been so hot on historically). If you're guilty, though, just confess to it and save yourself the cash.
  7. SO HES NOT FREE : Do i not get him on legal aid??
  8. I may have forgotten about legal aid (never needed it :meditate: ), but my point still stands if you're guilty. Give him a call and find out.
  9. Blueface,

    Gilbert Blades is the man for anything to do with Military law. When they adopted these new human rights and what that meant for the Armed forces they asked him for his views as he's that good.

    Got me out of a right tight spot, fcking quality bloke.

    Dependent on your rank you can get Legal aid, i was a senior and i paid 2K of a 10K bill, mind you i looked to be losing a hell of a lot more if i'd lost.

  10. This has got to be a wind up.

    If not, stop posting boll*cks on here and hand yourself in.

    I hope they throw the book at you. cnut
  11. Blueface,

    You are a spineless, disgusting creature. Not only have you placed an administrative burden on the Military, you fail to take responsibility for your own actions and you expect the taxpayer to cough up for your legal aid. You ar a cockroach.

    Here's the deal. Hand youirself in to your nearest police station/guardroom. You will then be collected by RMP. You will then get moved to your Regimental HQ and get marched in front of the CO. He will have applied for extended powers of detention. He then locks you away for 60 days. In the meantime your discharge will be applied for and rubber stamped. You leave nick with a sore ass and a shoite job reference. Although you will have the right te elect for trial by court martial or appeal the CO's decision, at no time during this procedure will you have the right for a civilian brief to be present. Unlucky.

    Get on with it and stop being such a jellyback.
  12. Turn yourself in you cunt. If you didn't want to take the flak then you shouldn't have sworn the oath. Cunt. You are nothing but a fucking deserter, and while you were away some other poor scrote had to do your work. Asking for legal aid to help you is unspeakable.

    They used to hang deserters, if I was your OC i'd sit you in your car, tie a rope to a tree with the other end around your neck, and roll the fucker off of Beachy Head.

    Fucking cunt.
  13. Check out his post on the Infantry Thread - the waste of space in now asking on whether or not the Army will keep him! This has got to a wind up.
  14. Oh my word. What a cunt.
  15. I take that as they will not want me then